ST800 stick forming square.png

The easy to use, nicely presented format of a stick pack makes it a favourite for a large number of beauty brands to serve dry beauty from within powder, allowing consumers to mix with water at their own leisure. Stick packs are a type of flexible pouch for dry powders.

Stick packaging gets its name from its shape, which is skinny like a stick of gum.

The packs themselves are sealed on two shorts ends and have a seal down the back.

Stick packs are often used for different applications:

  • Presenting multiple stick packs in a carton, allowing the consumer to pick up and take on the go
  • Using for sampling to send out with product from eCommerce sites, or for samples at events
  • For powders designed to be poured into a water bottle and shaken
  • For liquids to immediately drink at a specific time

Full service stick pack manufacturer

As a full-service stick pack contract manufacturer, we help you by sourcing the ingredients confirmed within your product specification. We help to develop an innovative formula and blend, before filling into custom laminated sticks. We can assist in flavouring and colouring, whether you require bold and bright, or subtle and natural.

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