A duocap or duocap capsules are a single oral dosage delivery system for the end consumer but involves inserting a small pre-filled powder capsule into a larger liquid-filled capsule. This offers numerous possibilities and a broad range of formulation and design options that will not only provide a convenient one capsule dose of two products, but open the door to a variety of possibilities including:

  • Formulating combination products that are released in the right part of the body to be absorbed.
  • Dual release of a single ingredient.
  • Providing multiple release profiles.
  • Unique finished product presentation for brand recognition including colour choice for the inner and outer capsules.

Duocap capsules can be used for both immediate release or combined release doses, for example the use of oil-based supplements such as omegas, CLA or Argan oil in the outer capsule and powdered substances such as caffeine, thermogenic or green tea in the inner capsule. The oil-based product releases immediately, while the smaller inner capsule releases later.

The inner capsule of this unique delivery system can contain liquid, semi-solids, powder or pellets, while the outer capsule can be either a liquid or semi-solid formulation. Most opt for a liquid outer capsule to show consumers that the second release is present within.

The outer capsule is typically used for immediate release of a combination product or first phase of a dual release formulation. The liquid or semi-solid formulation of the outer capsule provides fast liquid release of the ingredient. Lipid-based formulations in either the inner and/or outer capsules may be developed to improve the bio-availability of the formulation.

At Supplement Factory, we can provide the full package. From the initial concept of the two ingredients combined into the duocap capsules, to the production, packaging design and shipping to your warehouse. Whether you have a nutricosmetic, sports nutrition or pet supplement product in mind, Supplement Factory are happy to help.

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