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Packaging and Labelling FAQ

  • Can you print labels for us? More

    Yes, we can print labels for you upon request. We provide you with the tools to create your label. Supplement Factory’s technical and quality team will check all label artwork for compliance within the UK, EU and rest of the world before approving a label to print.

  • In which format do you require artwork? More

    Adobe Illustrator files are preferred but, we also accept .PSD, PDF, EPS and TIFF. Please make sure the resolution is set to 300 DPI or higher when you submit your artwork for labelling. If the art, you send in has a lower resolution than 300 DPI we cannot guarantee high-quality printing because it will most likely not look good

  • What kind of packaging do you provide? More

    We offer a wide range of packaging, including bottles, sachets, pouches & packets, blister packs and bulk. We can also provide bespoke packaging according to your needs.

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Softgels Manufacturing FAQ

  • What is the MOQ for Softgels? More

    300,000 Softgels equivalent

  • What are the packaging options for Powder? More

    We offer customised packaging for your products including Pots, Pouches, and Loose bulk.

  • Why choose Softgels? More

    Softgels are an ideal delivery method for oral medications because they provide precision dosage control, masking of undesirable taste and smell, increased availability to the bloodstream, and ease of consumption.

  • What are Softgels made of? More

    Softgels can be made of a variety of substances. The most popular Softgels are gelatine and vegetarian. Vegetarian capsules are made of a seaweed extract called Carrageenan.

  • How are Softgels used? More

    Softgels are small capsules that are commonly used in place of pills. They can be found in a variety of different products ranging from supplements, medicines, or even botanical remedies.

  • What advantages do Softgels provide? More

    • Stability in high temperatures.
    • Many different shapes and sizes.
    • Vegetarian, vegan, and animal-based options available.
    • Can disguise unpleasant tasting ingredients.

Liquid Gel (Stick pack) Manufacturing FAQ

Liquid Manufacturing FAQ