New Product Development Is Important To Us And We Aim To Treat Your Brand With The Same Level Of Care And Respect As If It Was One Of Our Own.

Some manufacturers offer product development as an add-on service, charging a premium for outdated formulations and uninspiring ideas. This is damaging for your brand and is often a very expensive mistake to make.

What makes us different is our ability to develop products intelligently, reacting to patterns and trends within the industry to provide you with something unique, original and effective.

The Process

We work with you to ensure that your brand vision is incorporated into every piece of product development that we do. Our process is also swift and efficient, meaning reduced time-to-market and faster return on investment.

Our team of qualified nutrition experts can provide custom formulations based on your product strategy, brand image and, most importantly, your budget requirements.

The result will be a unique formula that both achieve your intended product claims and ensures the highest level of legal compliance in your intended marketplace.

Keeping You Ahead Of The Curve

When it comes to new product development, we can help you to inspire and influence the industry – rather than the other way around. We understand the trends that are shaping customer purchases, which allows us to create innovative products that cater to everyone.

Take a look below to see how we could help you based on which trend you see as most important for the future of your brand:

Health Conscious – This type of customer wants products that are natural, organic and free from additives while still meeting their specific dietary needs. We work closely with suppliers all over the world who specialise in organic-certified ingredients and we can also use our expertise to redevelop your existing products to make them ‘clean label’.

Great Taste – When something tastes good it inspires consumers to keep buying it. Whether you want a high protein drink, meal replacement shake, sports energy shot, or tea infusions, we have a wide range of flavour profiles to choose from. We invite you to work with our flavour technologists to create a delicious product you can be really proud of.

Convenience – Historically associated with junk food, the word ‘convenience’ now represents the growing trend of functional foods and drinks that offer genuine health benefits. But in such a competitive market, it is not enough for products to be healthy – they must be easy to prepare and fit around consumers’ busy lives. This is where our experience in single serving sachets, RTDs (ready to drink), bars and functional snacks can help your brand become more accessible and convenient.

Indulgence– When it comes to supplements, the majority of consumers will treat themselves to something that is special and indulgent more than they normally would with food. If your product needs to have the ‘pleasure factor’, we can offer a range of options to get your mouth watering. Previous projects include meal replacement mug cakes, low sugar flapjacks, appetite suppressant wafers, vitamin gummies and high protein chocolates.

Value – Everyone’s definition of ‘value’ is different. It is a personal equation based on price, quality and convenience and the importance of these factors varies depending on the individual. Having a brand that represents ‘good value’ is not just about being the cheapest, and we can help to ensure that your products can be strong in all three areas.

Making a Statement – Consumers are drawn to products that look appealing, fun and different. Even if they don’t buy the product, it will give them something to talk about with their friends and work colleagues. The saying is true that ‘people don’t buy what you do, but why you do it’. Our experience in brand development can help you to create products that fit with a chosen brand ideal so that you can connect with your customers on a much deeper level.

Veganism – The meat-free trend is showing no signs of slowing down. In the UK, 4 out of every 10 people admit to buying vegetarian or meat-free food – this number is far too large to ignore. If you are a brand-owner with a special interest in this market, we can help to get your products approved by the Vegan Society and ensure that they meet all of the criteria required for successful registration.

Instagram Culture – If you look at any of the statistics for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, you will see that the most popular posts and boards are all to do with food, health and fitness. While this trend may have been started by the Millennial generation, it is now starting to catch on with digital users of all ages. We have helped many brands with large social media followings create products that stimulate the senses and bring people together in discussion.

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