The Unique Formulation Advantage

In a crowded supplement market, generic products often fall short. To stand out, a distinct and unique product is key to success.

This is where our custom formulation service comes in. We don’t offer pre-made formulas; instead, we collaborate closely with you to develop a product that is innovative and new to the market.

What’s included?

  • Manufacturing ready formulation
  • Detailed explanation into the benefits of each ingredient including relevant studies
  • Legal guidance on label claims
  • International regulation compliance
  • Accurate Manufacturing costs*
  • Product experience testing**

See for yourself.

Take a look at what will receive from our custom supplement formulation service


The Formulation Process

Our end-to-end formulation service will take up to 28 days from initial brief to a finalised formulation.

  • Step 1 - The Introduction.

    This is where you will be introduced to your dedicated Formulation Scientist. This call will be your first opportunity to discuss your brief and all of your requirements.

  • Step 2 - Market Analysis.

    At this point, our Market Analysis team will investigate your target market to identify potential opportunities for your product.

  • Step 3 - Creating your USP.

    Based upon the market analysis, your formulation scientist will work with you to create a USP that will help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Step 4 - Regulations and label claims.

    We will outline all of the legal label claims you will be able to make along with which countries your product will be legal for sale in.

  • Step 5 - Pricing.

    Working within your budget and target costs, we will produce accurate manufacturing cost* for you should you decide to manufacture with us.

  • Step 6 - Confirmation.

    We will present the formulation and accompanying documents to you. Making sure you are fulfilled that your formulation meets your initial requirements.

  • Step 7 - Product Experience Testing.

    If you choose to conduct product experience testing, we welcome you to visit our factory to personally try your product. Here, you can collaborate directly with your formulator, fine-tuning your formulation to ensure it meets your exact specifications.

Manufacturing Ready Formulations

Many current market formulations are not manufacturing-ready, leading to potential reformulation and extra costs when switching manufacturers.

In contrast, our formulations are designed to meet manufacturing specifications suitable for any reputable manufacturer. This means you can freely transfer your formulation to another manufacturer without the need for adjustments.

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We make Custom Formulations for…

Global Expertise

Our team of global regulation experts has extensive experience in creating products across various international markets.

Using this knowledge, we focus on ensuring that our formulations are tailored to meet the specific compliance standards and legal requirements of your target countries.

This approach removes the risk of regulatory issues, allowing you to expand confidently into new markets with products that are both innovative and compliant.

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The Highest Accreditations

Our manufacturing facilities comply with the most stringent quality regulations. We hold AA GMP, BRC, FDA, and Halal certifications, assuring that all products manufactured with us meet the highest quality standards.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to manufacturer with you? More

    Once a formulation is finalised, it belongs to you. While we would be delighted to handle your manufacturing needs, you have the freedom to use your formulation with any manufacturer of your choice. As the formulation is made to manufacturing specifications, you will have no troubles using it elsewhere.

  • Do you do samples? More

    Certainly, if you require samples of your formulations, we can provide them for an additional fee. You have the option to visit our facilities located near London, or we can dispatch the samples to your location. We offer worldwide shipping, but please be aware that international postage will extend the development timeline.

  • I already have a formulation, can you look at it? More

    We are more than willing to review your formulation and offer our guidance on it.

  • Can you make a formulation that fits my budget? More

    Our formulations are crafted with careful attention to your budget. Our formulation scientists utilise our global supply chain to source ingredients that meet your target cost requirements effectively. Please note that if you don’t manufacture with us, we cannot guarantee any prices.

  • I have a product I would like you to recreate, can you do this? More

    We are capable of matching existing products if you desire. Nonetheless, we recommend adding your unique twist to the product.

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