Delivery Support.

Supplement Factory support your delivery and shipping needs. We can supply goods on Standard and Euro Pallets (heat treated if needed). UK shipment can be next day and timed deliveries if required.

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How Ex Works, Works.

Ex Works means that it is the customers responsibility to collect the stock from our warehouse. We will provide an invoice, packing list and COA. In general, ‘ex-works’ means that you are responsible for loading your stock on to the vehicle, however, we can support by loading your order for you, at no extra cost.

Additional Support.

We can support you by helping to obtain further information or certificates for your shipment (may incur an extra cost).  This can be in the form of the below: –

  • Certificate of Analysis (CofA).

    This document will be provided for any batches or shipments you require. A range of testing is available from Microbiological, purity testing, contaminant testing and vitamin and minerals, assuring the highest quality of product possible. This CoA can also assist in the registration of your product in various countries across the globe.

  • Certificate of Conformity (CofC).

    A certificate provided by us the supplier that details both the composition of the product, and acts as a guarantee from us that the product has been manufactured to the highest quality standards and meets all customer requirements.

  • Certificate of Origin (CoO).

    This can be provided for customers outside of the EU. This document is used to prove the country of origin of the goods manufactured by us. We can provide the certificate, stamped invoice and Packing list from the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Certificate of Free Sale (FSC).

    This can be provided for exporting goods outside of the EU. This certificate takes approximately 10 days to obtain from date of request. Original copies are needed by the customer. The certificate is for importation of food products, for food intended for human consumption and is fit for human consumption.

  • Certificate of Good Manufacturing practices (GMP).

    Here at supplement factory, we strive to apply GMP processes in our production. Being GMP certifies assures our customers of the following.

    They will receive consistent high quality in all products.

    Assuring that their products are appropriate for their intended use.
    Ensures the products meet the requirements of the marketing authorisation (MA) and product specifications

    Products are produced to the highest food safety standards.

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