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Our Products

Our impressive contract manufacturing facility is capable of manufacturing high quality supplements at very competitive prices.

We can manufacture:

  • 300 million supplement capsules
  • 50 million easy to swallow tablet
  • A huge variety of well-being powdered supplements
  • Whey proteins, soy proteins, pea proteins, rice proteins and other vegan protein options
  • All sizes of gelatine (bovine & porcine) or vegetarian soft gels
  • Halal food supplements, capsules, and powders
  • Blister Packing & Sachets

Having a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with the most advanced technology available means that we can deliver on your promises and requirements. We feel that honesty and transparency are vital in maintaining your peace of mind and ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. We understand that a happy customer is a returning customer – this means repeat business for us all.

Once your order has been submitted to the Supplement Factory, you will be updated regularly so that you can monitor your product’s progress from the arrival of the individual ingredients to the packing and delivery of the finished product. Along the way, we make sure that there is an effective chain of communication throughout the production period so that any issues were to arise they can be easily resolved.

Excellence in manufacturing

As well as being GMP certified (which means safe, high-quality products you can trust), our manufacturing facility has been set up by a leading chemistry expert with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. As a result, every machine is cleaned with military precision and all of our production takes place in an  ISO Class 8 clean room environment with automatically controlled air and temperature levels.

The quality doesn’t end there as our factory is also BRC (British Retail Consortium) AA accredited. The Supplement Factory quality team works hard to adhere to the strict standards of the BRC and we are proud of their efforts to achieve such a high grade with this globally recognised regulatory body.

As well as all of the above, Supplement Factory is an ISO 13485 accredited manufacturing facility. This means that we can develop and manufacture medical devices under license and also offer in-house developed medical devices on an OBL (Own Brand Label) basis.

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If you are looking to create a new supplement product or add to your existing range, our experienced team will help you every step of the way. Contact us today by submitting the form or by calling 0330 311 2761.

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