At Supplement Factory, we take Quality very seriously.

It is built into everything we do – Every ingredient entering our plants are scrutinized through thorough third-party lab testing to ensure that they meet all necessary standards for authenticity, potency and purity. Our suppliers are also subjected to rigorous quality checks before they are allowed access to give us the high-quality ingredients we need. Nonetheless, it is always important to stay updated on our methods of manufacturing and continue striving towards perfecting them so that every product created will be equally refined; ensuring a higher standard of living for all who consume them.

Testing Before Production.

Microbiological Testing

The raw material must be tested for microbiological compliance to verify that it does not contain dangerous levels of microorganisms such as E. coli. Special equipment in a separate microbiological laboratory will be required for this purpose. Whilst we do have an in-house testing lab, the raw material will also be sent to a third-party lab for micro testing.

Heavy Metal Testing

For raw materials to pass testing, we conduct heavy metal testing, which looks for the presence of lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic in the raw material. Once these raw materials have passed their tests, they are put into inventory and then stored at their designated location based on what type of storage they need – all while being electronically tracked through batch logging and referencing every product’s whereabouts so that there is full transparency when it comes to tracking down where specific ingredients might be found.

Testing During the Production Run.

Uniformity of Mix

All the ingredients for a given dietary supplement are mixed in a mixer. During this process that each ingredient is mixed uniformly to ensure an even distribution across the entire batch. This consistency is important because we want all the capsules, tablets and powders made contain the right amount of nutrients throughout the entire batch. A sample of the blend containing these ingredients is taken back to the lab where they’re tested for quality assurance and approved if they meet standards before being shipped out for use.

Dissolution Testing

Dissolution testing is a process in which capsules or tablets are put into temperature-controlled water and agitated (moved inside a small container) for 45 minutes. If the tablet or capsule dissolves within this time, it is likely that they will also dissolve in the human digestive tract, making all their nutrient components available for absorption.

Content Uniformity

After ensuring that the mix is consistent and evenly dispersed, we ensure that each tablet has the correct weight to verify its nutrient potency, also called content uniformity.

During the production, when the tablets are being punched and capsules are filled, their weight is measured consistently to ensure the uniformity. In addition to regular tests for content uniformity of weight, we also record thicknesses and densities.

As long as everything measures up to standards – we accept them, but if there are any unsatisfactory variations from expectations, those pills get rejected.

Stability Testing.

Stability testing helps identify which nutrients are most vulnerable to deterioration or a decrease in effect. It also establishes how much potency would need to be increased for those nutrients to counterbalance the effects of degradation that occur over time. There are two methods used.

Accelerated Stability and Ambient Stability

Accelerated Stability

During accelerated stability, a dietary supplement in its intended packaging is placed inside an environmental chamber that controls temperature and humidity. This chamber will create conditions that are designed to accelerate the normal ageing of a product. For example, if a product spends one month in the accelerated machine, it may be the approximate equivalent of six months ageing time. When the product is removed, we can then test it for potency loss and other effects.

Ambient Stability

Ambient stability is determined by storing the samples of packaged products in a room with controlled temperature and humidity. This way, we can monitor the impact of time on their products without having to use an accelerated test. Potency tests are also taken periodically throughout this process so that comparisons can be made between lab-generated data and real-world performance data.

We’re Accredited.

We opt to be the highest quality producer in the dietary supplement manufacturing business and these certifications are another great reason why you should put your trust in us.



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