What Are Collagen Supplements?

Collagen supplements are one of the biggest selling supplement capsules in the UK. If you are thinking of adding this beauty ingredient to your range or perhaps you have a current product but you are looking for a more appropriate manufacturer that understand your needs?

Read our simple and informed data sheet that will help you make an important commercial decision around whether or not to add collagen from Supplement Factory to your range.

Available dosage formats

  • Collagen capsules
  • Collagen drinks and powder
collagen supplements

Noted for supporting skin health and preventing wrinkles, collagen helps skin maintain its elasticity every time you move your face into a different shape or position.

The youthful and taught appearance of younger skin tissue is attributed to collagen in the body. It is a sad fact of life that as we age, collagen will break down and reduce our skin’s natural elasticity. As a result, we see typical signs of ageing such as sagging skin, crow’s feet, age spotting and wrinkles.

Why Collagen Supplements Exist

It has been suggested that by the time we reach age of 40, our body’s collagen production will have decreased by 25%. Matters get worse when at 60 years of age, production typically reduces by over 50%. As such, there is a mass market appetite for maintaining existing collagen development, decreasing skin deterioration and increasing collagen formation.

Owing to our desire to keep our youthful looks, there has been a boom in the need for collagen supplements

There are varying types of collagen and differing scientific studies to support the use of these various forms. Brands can choose between generic, bovine, marine or chicken collagen powders or more premium customers prefer a branded and scientific backed ingredient.

Type 1 & 3 collagen.

It may seem confusing but collagen comes in various forms (or types more technically). Type 1 & 3 collagens are usually consumed in association with the benefits to skin elasticity and the pursuit of a more radiant and younger look.  Scientific studies suggest that the consumption of various doses of different grades and sources of collagen will have a positive impact on the skin of consumers, as such a market for these types of collagen supplements has rapidly evolved.

Type 2 collagen

Working differently to other types of collagen type 2 is unique for its ability to springboard the growth of cartilage in the joints, supporting consumers with difficult or painful joint ailments. Like with Type 1 and Type 3 collagens there are plenty of studies to support this.

At Supplement Factory we have a range of studies for types 1,2 and 3 collagen that come from various sources.

collagen supplements

Manufacturing Solid Dose Collagen

As you would imagine, this ingredient is quite sticky and can be pressed into collagen tablets relatively easily but over time and with heat the residue starts to stick to the punches used to press a tablet. This is generally overcome using various agents within the binding blend to avoid clogging up the machine.

More premium brands prefer to use capsules for their collagen formulations, these tend to run well and are more appealing to the eye. Our experience of manufacturing collagen products is prolific.

Consumer Searches For Collagen

“Collagen” traffic from 2005 to 2024 shows incredible growth in UK consumer searches.

Collagen uk trend

Data sourced from Google: UK searches for collagen clearly indicate a consistent and slightly rising appetite for products containing this ingredient. These searches remain high volume.

The UK market already has an established consumer base of customers sourcing collagen supplementation. The growth spike is not so severe in the UK owing to the volume of “Brits” already enjoying the benefits of this ingredient, Conversely, the global demand is growing faster as new adopters realise the benefits of younger looking skin being derived from collagen supplements.

collagen global trend

Data sourced from Google: Global demand for collagen increasing.

Turning to look at a global level we can see extremely high levels of appetite for this ingredient and the searches are increasing steadily YoY (year on year). This is evidence that a brand can adopt a multifaceted export approach when adding this ingredient to their brand range.