Our Liquid Gel Manufacturing Services

Contract Liquid Gel Manufacturing

We provide a complete service, full support and an entire range portfolio of Liquid Gel manufacturing solutions of the highest quality and safety. If you have specific needs, we also offer custom liquid gel formulation.

We can help you bring your vision to life either supporting existing formulas or developing new formulas for all end uses from energy gels and hydration products for Sports and Nutrition, relaxation and mindfulness products through to collagen-based Beauty products.

New Product Development [NPD solution]

“Create completely new liquid formula that is new to your customer, competitor and the market”.

Our in-house NPD team can help create custom liquid formulations to fit your needs. We supply liquid gel of all custom shapes and sizes designed to open and dispense your product easily.

Technical Supports

Our Quality and Technical team can support you with the following

  • QP Support
  • Supply and chain support
  • Product testing
  • Nutritional advice and guidance
  • Ingredient sourcing and traceability
  • Export documentation
  • Regulation Advisory
  • Compliant check on Artwork
  • Sourcing sustainable packaging options
  • Regulatory support for new product registration
  • World-wide delivery.

Allergens Free Options

If your customers have unique needs we can supply liquid gel supplements that are Kosher, Halal, Non-GMOs, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Allergen free and Vegan.


Our manufacturing plants are BRCNSF GMP certified and FDA compliant.

We adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, and these guidelines establish a code of practice that includes rigorous testing and documentation of each supplement’s purity and effectiveness.

Packaging Specification

All liquid gel comes in stick packs of various size and shapes, consumer friendly pack, perfect for taking on the go and perfect for one use applications.

For easy accessibility, safety and portability, we offer custom die-cut shapes, tear top, tear and tuck mechanism, child resistant, visible in light and hanger holes for stick packs.

Liquid Gel Supplement Stick packs options

Stick pack Sized:

  • Width Options: Custom to your needs
  • Length Options: Custom to your needs

Product Applications:

  • Liquid Nutrition
  • Energy Shots
  • Vitamin Supplements
  • Skin and Haircare
  • Sports and fitness
  • Liquid Protein
  • Recovery
  • Diet

Product Options

  • Fill Volume: 2ml to 70ml.
  • Easy to tear and hard to hold structure available.
  • Light weight, durable tear top tubes and sachets.
  • Nitrogen Flushing and Nitrogen Blanketing are available.
  • Low and high viscosity products.
  • Available in Tube or Sachets.
  • High quality full colour design

Innovative and re-useable solution

Liquid Gel Supplement Reusable Solution

  • Tear to Open
  • Squeeze product
  • Fold along the dashed line,
  • Tuck the tab and close
  • Store securely and re-use

The Benefit of Liquid Stick Packing:

  • Able to fit liquid, powdered and granulated supplements.
  • Easy to open and dispense.
  • Accurate dosing
  • Ideal for people on-the-go
  • Making it look more professional and sophisticated.

Why Choose Supplement Factory?

  • Outstanding service and superior quality supplements to meet our customer’s expectations and requirements.
  • Guaranteed consistency of all products.
  • Custom formulation, labelling and packaging to fit your needs.
  • Safe and legally compliant products that are accepted across the globe.
  • Highest accredited supplement manufacturer meaning third party companies audited and certified our manufacturing plants.
  • Complete transparency on product origin.
  • Dedicated account manager who will assist you throughout your manufacturing journey.
  • In-house dedicated quality and compliance team to ensure that your products are of the highest quality and free from any potent impurities.
  • Over decades of experience in supplement manufacturing and extensive knowledge of the industry.
  • Committed to quality, integrity, and client success.

For more details about liquid gel manufacturing and how we can help you create your own line of liquid gel supplements, please send us an enquiry, or contact us directly at +44(0)330 311 2761.