Biotechnology at its simplest is the use of living organisms to develop, make or modify products or processes for a specific use. Biotechnology harnesses cellular and bio-molecular processes to develop technologies and products that help to improve the lives of consumers and the overall health of the planet.

This industry encompasses a wide range of processes and overlaps many other forms of applied sciences. The most common forms of biotechnology are genetic engineering, cell and tissue culture, pharmacogenomics and biofuels.

Biotechnology to improve the world

  • Helping to reduce the rate of infectious disease
  • Changing the odds of serious and life threatening conditions affecting millions
  • Tailoring treatments to individuals to minimalise health risk and side effects

Fueling the world

  • Biotechnology uses processes such as fermentation and harnesses biocatalysts such as enzymes, yeast and other microbes.
  • Lowering temperatues for cleaning clothes and saving on average $4.1 billion annually.
  • Reducing the use of reliance on petrochemicals
  • Decreasing water usage
  • Tapping into the full potential of traditional biomass waste products

Increasing the worlds health

  • Generating higher crop yield with fewer inputs
  • Lowering the volume of agricultural chemicals required
  • Developing crops with enhanced nutrition profiles that solve vitamin and nutrient deficiencies
  • Improving food and crop oil content for improved cardiovascular health

Biotechnology research and development uses bioinformatics for exploration and extraction from living organisms through biochemical engineering. Generally, this type of research is used to formulate and make reproducible sustainable products through biosynthesis.

Due to the vast applications of this industry, we are constantly being challenged to develop and produce innovative pellet solutions. Typically, these beadlets are used during the manufacturing process as a processing aid, catalyst or indeed the final delivery method.

Here at Spheratrix, we have a huge knowledge base in the processing of organisms to produce useful final and byproducts. For example, the processing of enzymes as an industrial catalyst either to produce valuable chemicals or to destroy hazardous/polluting chemicals.

One of our most common products in this market is calcium phosphate pellets. They are used for either bone reconstruction and/or bone grafting. Calcium phosphate has a fast-relative resorption rate in comparison to other raw materials such as hydroxyapatite, making it a great choice for releasing minerals and speeding up tissue regeneration.

We can partner with you to develop and produce beadlets based on your individual requirements. We have collaborated with many industries leading worldwide entities and institutions over the years and have the required knowledge to know what is and what is not possible.

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