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Dietary supplements USA The dietary supplement industry in the USA has been booming since the 1980’s and top retailers like GNC, Walgreens, CVS and Walmart are all huge volume sellers of capsules, tablets and shakes. In 2015 some reports suggested that 73% of Americans used dietary supplements on a daily basis. Now every store is […]


We export more products to Vietnam than any other Country in the ASEAN region. We find the booming supplement market and the population of over 105 million people means that there is a constant demand for our high quality, UK made food supplements. Our regulatory team are on hand to provide the documents that you […]


Supplements in the UAE


Exporting to Italy is a weekly occurrence for Supplement Factory. We have a warehouse and packing partner facility in the heart of Perugia that dispatches regular orders for us. In addition, we have our own sales and legal department in the region. To sell a food supplement from another country into Italy online, you need […]

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