Supplement Factory offers many different types of packaging and labelling capabilities for all our customers’ needs enabling your brand to stand out on the shelves and online. With our complete bottle packaging lines, we can fill tablets, capsules, powders, gummy, Softgels and liquids while also providing blister packing, Pouches, Pots, sachets, stick packs, glass and fully printed card tubes packaging options

Bespoke Packaging

If bespoke packaging is more your style, supplement factory can offer a variety of formats to achieve your specific requirements. We work with a selection of top-quality suppliers internationally with whom we have fantastic relationships with. This allows us to work on projects and offer several bespoke packaging options from materials, shape, recycled content, colours and external printing/ label options.

Recommended Packaging

Data and research is important to us at Supplement Factory and imperative to the way we work. Upon reviewing specifications and formulations, we can suggest the best packaging options to ensure the integrity of the product. This can range from packing probiotics into glass to preserve the bacteria, adding something as simple as a desiccant to the product or a viskrine sleeve can dramatically increase the integrity of the supplements.

Recyclable and Made from Recycled Materials (Sustainability):

PET and RPET Pots – We can source both virgin PET and RPET pots ranging from a 15% recycled content up to 100%. These pots are also fully recyclable once your customer has finished the product.

We can offer pouches in a Recyclable (Industrial) and ‘made from compostable format. These pouches are all fully printed and formed offering both great quality and the level of sustainability your brand promotes.

Metallic Material.

Metallic Material – We can offer a range of metallic packing options, often having good stock levels of both Aluminium and Tin Plate lids. These offer a premium finish to your finished product. We are also able to fulfil fully printed laminate on a metalized PET enabling a metallic finish. Even if the pots are clear silver PP labels could be used to give the final artwork metallic elements.

Material Finish

We understand as well as great looking packaging the finish is also extremely important, we can offer a range of packaging options to fulfil these requests. We have access to a variety of standard and custom colour pots and lids in different finishes from matte to gloss. This can be complimented with a label with a varnish or laminate to complement the pots and delivering the consistent quality throughout the finished product.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Can you print labels for us? More

    Yes, we can print labels for you upon request. We provide you with the tools to create your label. Supplement Factory’s technical and quality team will check all label artwork for compliance within the UK, EU and rest of the world before approving a label to print.

  • In which format do you require artwork? More

    Adobe Illustrator files are preferred but, we also accept .PSD, PDF, EPS and TIFF. Please make sure the resolution is set to 300 DPI or higher when you submit your artwork for labelling. If the art, you send in has a lower resolution than 300 DPI we cannot guarantee high-quality printing because it will most likely not look good

  • What kind of packaging do you provide? More

    We offer a wide range of packaging, including bottles, sachets, pouches & packets, blister packs and bulk. We can also provide bespoke packaging according to your needs.

Supplement Label Check

Supplement Factory provides a comprehensive compliant report and modifications if requested for UK sold supplements.

  • Nutritional Information
  • Health and Nutrition Claims
  • Allergen Declaration
  • Batch and Date Coding
  • Mandatory Statements
  • Ingredient Verification
  • Serving Size and Instructions
  • Additional Information
  • Additive Identification
  • Sizing Requirements
  • Storage Instructions
  • Vitamin and Mineral NDA