blister pack

With a new blister packing machine and custom tooling and design available, Supplement Factory have increased our custom packing options even further than before.

We can now meet your packing needs even quicker and more efficiently – designing, modifying and manufacturing new blister packing formats to meet your requirements.

Our blister packing services:

  • custom tooling and design service available
  • state of the art colour camera detection systems
  • packing under controlled temperature and humidity
  • child-resistant & senior-friendly
  • 3,600 blister sheets can be produced per hour

Key benefits of blister packing

Freshness: having individual compartments can keep capsules and tablets ready for whenever the customer is ready to consume.

Visibility: With a plastic back, this style of packaging allows consumers to view not only the product they are about to consume, but the amount of products that have been consumed and all pieces can be accounted for.

Customisation: As all plastic blisters are thermoformed, every design is unique to the product being sold due to custom options such as number of capsules per sheet, foil designs and carton options. Thermoforming is a manufacturing process where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mould, and trimmed to create a usable product. The sheet, or “film” when referring to thinner gauges and certain material types, is heated in an oven to a high-enough temperature that it can be stretched into or onto a mould and cooled to a finished shape.

Supplement Factory can assist with designing and branding private label cartons to suit 1 blister sheet of 15 capsules right up to 30 sheets for larger bulk pack options.

If you would like to enquire about our blister packing options, contact us today.