Starflower oil is sourced from the Borago officinalis plant found throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean regions of the world. The blue star-shaped flower can be consumed as a vegetable, with the oil from the seeds often pressed and its oils used within herbal remedies.

The oil is high in omega 6 fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid or GLA. GLA is particularly beneficial as it helps to reduce inflammation in the body, while other types of omega 6 will increase inflammation. Because of its high GLA content, starflower oil provides important health benefits.

Omega 6 are necessary for health, but the body can not produce them. Star flower oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce joint pain, stiffness and swelling just as a start.

starflower oil

Starflower Oil Properties:

  • PMS Symptoms including breast pain, tenderness and skin breakouts
  • Skin issues such as dermatitis and eczema
  • Menopause symptoms such as hot flashes
  • Stress management
  • Anti-inflammatory, reducing pain and swelling

One of the most researched uses for starflower oil is treating inflammatory skin disorders such as eczema. GLA has been shown to correct some deficiencies in skin lipids when the skin can’t produce enough protective oils. The result is an imbalance within the immune system, increasing inflammation and immune responses which result in a flare-up of the skin, including those typical of eczema.

Starflower Oil For Male Impotence

GLA is known to help stimulate blood flow, which is why some experts believe that it may help remedy one of the main reasons for male impotence. It can also help women who are unable to conceive by improving uterine function.

Starflower Oil Supplements

Starflower oil can be manufactured into softgel and liquid capsule format. Often combined with added vitamins, starflower oil is a great addition to a beauty and wellness brand in any format.