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African Mango

What is African Mango?

African Mango

African mango fruits come from the tree sharing the same name. Native to the Western Central region in Africa, African mango is well known for its superfood pulp it contains, that is consumed in multiple formats.

African Mango for Weight Loss

African mango has a great effect on weight loss. The flesh of the fruit is not used for this purpose, but the seed of the mango is. Research has found that not only can the active ingredients help to reduce overall cholesterol levels, but they can also boost metabolism and increase passive fat-burning. When this extract is used regularly, it has been known to improve results in weight loss and suppress the appetite.

In a 10 week study of 120 overweight researchers, African mango supplements significantly reduced weight, body fat and waistline circumference. When added to detox blends, for example not only does it pack some powerful antioxidants, but also supports the body in increasing metabolic rate.


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