• Lipomyl is used for the treatment and prevention of obesity in adults
  • This clinically researched ingredient has an EFSA approved claim for lowering cholesterol
  • Fat binding begins from the very first use
  • Approved by LRQA and stamped with an EC mark for European recognised safety
  • 380% more effective than the market leader

What Is Lipomyl

Lipomyl is a branded version of chitosan derived from the cell wall of Aspergillus niger, which is a fungus that is grown safely under pharmaceutical conditions.

The most common form of Aspergillus can be seen growing on decaying fruits and vegetables as it is also a natural mould.

Cultured for the industrial production of many substances, different strains of Aspergillus niger are used in the industrial preparation of citric acid and gluconic acid. These preparations, which are used in Lipomyl, have been assessed and are considered as acceptable for daily intake by the World Health Organisation.

Aspergillus niger fermentation is Generally Recognized As Safe (known as GRAS) by the USA Food and Drug Administration.

In the United Kingdom, Aspergillus niger is also recognised as safe. However, the product does not fall under the guidelines of a food supplement. It is in fact governed by the MHRA, since it is a Class 2b Medical Device.

Using as suggested lowers cholesterol and reduces body weight

FORZA Industries is a 10 year old company trading from Ashford in Kent, UK

The company owns a range of brands that are distributed through-out the UK, Middle East and South Africa.

High quality trademarked ingredients, such as Lipomyl™, are a new area of growth for the business, with 2 more medical device ingredients emerging in early 2018.

Supplement Factory is the manufacturing arm of FORZA Industries. The manufacturing wing of the business was developed to maintain the demand and develop new products for the FORZA weight loss brand.

With its powerful fat binding properties, Lipomyl was in-vitro tested at The University of Greenwich by Dr Nichola Coleman.

Dr Coleman graduated with an upper second class BSc Hons in applied chemistry. This was accompanied by a PhD in inorganic cement chemistry from Aston University. She is the author of over 75 research publications in the development and characterisation of materials for the biomedical, environmental and civil engineering sectors.

The research that Dr Coleman has published has been supported by The Royal Society, EPSRC, Royal Society of Chemistry, Nuffield Foundation and SEEDA. She works in collaboration with researchers in Spain, China, Macedonia, Turkey, France and USA.

Supplement Factory are the registered ISO13485 accredited factory for manufacturing Lipomyl as a medical device. Each lipomyl serving with a formula is 1 gram, with two capsules recommended for consumption 15 minutes before meals.