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Glucomannan Konjac

Available dosage formats:

  • Capsules containing Glucomannan Konjac
  • Glucomannan Konjac Powder drinks
  • Gummies with Glucomannan Konjac

As a supplement manufacturer, we work within many categories. The weight loss sector being has been one of the largest and most highly lucrative has witnessed the evolution of a previously unseen ingredient storming onto the market, enter glucomannan konjac.

Only 5 years ago the glucomannan konjac root was barely heard of, but its rise to fame has been unparalleled since being awarded a European health claim for assisting weight loss. To make use of the weight loss claim a brand or label should advise the user to consume 1 gram of konjac fibre before each meal, no less than 3 times per day. A brand has to carry an associated EU approved claim to give a product a name that is aligned with weight loss.

Glucomannan Konjac

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How glucomannan root powder swells in the stomach

Once swallowed in capsule, the idea of the ingredient is that form (konjac tablets are not available for safety reasons) the capsule enters the gut and then breaks down allowing the konjac fibre to flow out and begin absorbing the moisture.

The root fibres begin to swell to great proportions and take up a portion of the stomach, reducing the appetite levels of the consumer and increasing the feeling of satiety. Here is a video showing konjac root swelling in warm water much like it would in the stomach.

Glucomannan swells more effectively in stomach acid than it does in water, so the effects are greater for the user.

A small konjac tree which grows commonly in southern China.

Manufacturing glucomannan into solid dose

The fibre of the konjac root is not very compressible and is not dissimilar to white sand in its properties. It is free-flowing and heavy, so fills a capsule with low compression.

Generally speaking, as it is usually one of the very few ingredients mixed in a blend, the product is generally easy to manufacture into a capsule. Owing to the volume of the ingredient that the consumer is required to consume, we are limited on space that is left for extra ingredients. This normally equates to 2 capsules per serving.

Convinced that you need this ethical and scientifically supported ingredient in your portfolio?

Watch this time-lapse video that demonstrates the growth of konjac fibres in water.

Consumer searches for Konjac

Demand for Konjac products has remained consistent for the last 2 years, it is a reliable product for any brand.

Data supplied by Google: Glucomannan Konjac consumer demand


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