turkey tail

History of the Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail mushroom has been revered in the Orient for centuries. Its use in Chinese medicine dates back to the early 15th century, prized for its health-promoting properties. 

The mushroom’s name emanates from its vibrant colours resembling those of a turkey’s tail. Through ages, this natural marvel has found its way into various cultures, encapsulating a global appreciation for its therapeutic potential.


Scientific Make-Up

The efficacy of Turkey Tail lies in its rich polysaccharide content, particularly Polysaccharide K (PSK) and Polysaccharide-P (PSP). 

These compounds are celebrated for their immune-boosting attributes, paving the path for Turkey Tail’s integration in modern supplement formulations.


Benefits of Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail unveils a spectrum of health benefits, primarily its competence in bolstering immune health. Numerous studies underscore its potential in supporting immune response, whilst its antioxidative prowess further fortifies body’s defence mechanisms. 

Additionally, its prebiotic properties foster a conducive gut environment, thereby promoting overall wellness.


Forms of Consumption

The adaptability of Turkey Tail is reflected in its diverse consumption forms:

  • Teas: A traditional method offering a soothing intake experience.
  • Capsules: Engineered with precision by Supplement Factory, ensuring a straightforward dosage regimen.
  • Tinctures: Offering a concentrated form for easy assimilation.
  • Powders: Versatile for integration into various dietary needs.
  • Supplement Blends: The inclusion in comprehensive supplement blends augments its efficacy, providing a well-rounded wellness solution.


Safety and Dosages

The generally accepted dosages for Turkey Tail range between 1 to 3 grams daily.

It’s paramount to adhere to the recommended dosages to reap the maximal benefits whilst averting any adverse reactions. 


Use and Legality in UK, EU, US and Globally

Turkey Tail enjoys a legal status across the UK, EU, and the US, with a burgeoning market globally. Its use in supplement formulations is compliant with the stringent regulatory frameworks, manifesting its safety and efficacy. 

The profound benefits and flexible consumption methods of Turkey Tail make it a coveted ingredient in the supplement industry. For brands aiming to incorporate Turkey Tail in their supplement lineup, contact us to learn how we can assist you.