Curcumin Dosage Formats

  • Capsules
  • Tablets

Curcumin is extracted from turmeric roots and it is now the buzz ingredient of the supplement world. It is reported to have a myriad of benefits via various studies and is hailed as one of the bastions of Ayurveda. Now welcomed as one of the super supplements of the wellbeing sector the ingredient is finding a home in the ranges of many large brands and also on the shelves of leading retailers and online sales platforms.

Used commonly as a colouring and revered in Asian communities, the western world has now recognised the benefits of this rich extract as a daily use food supplement.


Manufacturing Into Solid Dose

Curcumin by its very nature is hygroscopic (absorbs atmospheric moisture) and requires the manufacturing facility to have humidity and temperature control systems. Owing to the variety of sources the flow rate of the powder can vary greatly and given that powders can contain various levels of curcumin great care must be taken when sourcing this ingredient. The powder lends itself to being compressed into a tablet or filled into a capsule. Supplement Factory will run trials before your formula is established to confirm consistency.

Curcumin is extracted from turmeric, a popular Indian cooking spice.


Consumer Searches For Curcumin

Traffic over the last 5 years shows steady growth of the global customer searches for the compound.

Here we have overlaid with the “Turmeric” keyword for the last 5 years. This represents that people are searching for ways of getting the benefits of curcumin through natural sources. It should be noted that turmeric is heavily used in cooking across Asia. A cursory glance shows that whilst the appetite for this ingredient is growing, the turmeric demand is moving at an even steeper incline.