Rosehip extract

History of Rosehip Extract

Rosehip Extract boasts a long history, cherished for its health-promoting properties since ancient times. It was widely used for its high vitamin C content, serving as a remedy for colds, flu, and arthritis. 


It became a vital nutritional supplement during World War II, highlighting its importance. Today, it continues to be a staple ingredient in the supplement industry, valued for its nutritional and therapeutic benefits.

Scientific Makeup

Packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, Rosehip Extract’s composition is notably rich in vitamin C, phenolic compounds, flavonoids, and carotenoids. 

These elements contribute to its potent antioxidant capabilities, supporting immune health, skin vitality, joint pain relief, and cardiovascular health.

Benefits of Rosehip Extract

Adaptogenic Properties

Rosehip Extract supports the body’s adaptability to stress, enhancing mental and physical wellness by helping to maintain a balanced stress response.

Joint Health and Mobility

Significant research points to Rosehip Extract’s effectiveness in enhancing joint mobility and reducing arthritis-related discomfort. 

Skin Vitality and Regeneration

Its antioxidant action fights oxidative damage and promotes skin regeneration, helping maintain a youthful and vibrant complexion.

Cardiovascular Health

Rosehip Extract aids in managing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, contributing positively to cardiovascular health and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Immune System Support

The high vitamin C content enhances the immune system’s function, protecting against various infections and bolstering overall health resilience.

Forms of Consumption

To suit diverse preferences and health needs, Rosehip Extract is available in several forms:

  • Powder: Suitable for smoothies or nutritional additives, rosehip powder easily mixes into beverages or foods, allowing for versatile use in daily diet. This form is perfect for those looking to incorporate rosehip benefits seamlessly into their meals.
  • Tablets: Convenient for those who prefer a tasteless option, rosehip tablets offer a straightforward way to consume this nutrient without the fruit’s natural tartness. They’re easy to carry and drink on the go, making them a practical choice for busy lifestyles. 
  • Capsules: Provides a quick, taste-neutral option, encapsulating all the benefits of rosehip extract without any flavour. Capsules are ideal for those who prioritise convenience and may also offer more precise dosing than powders.
  • Liquid Gels: Ensures rapid absorption, allowing the body to utilise the active ingredients more efficiently than solid forms. Liquid gels can benefit those seeking fast-acting effects, such as joint pain relief or immune support. 

Safety + Dosages

Generally safe for most adults, recommended dosages of Rosehip Extract range from 500 to 1000 mg daily, though individual needs may vary. 

Consultation with a healthcare provider is advised to determine the most appropriate dosage.

Use and Legality in the UK, EU, US, and Globally

Rosehip Extract’s use is supported by its recognised safety and efficacy and is legally available in dietary supplements across the UK, EU, US, and globally. Supplement Factory navigates these regulatory landscapes to ensure products meet the highest standards.

Supplement Factory’s bespoke manufacturing services enable brands to harness these benefits, creating high-quality supplements tailored to consumer needs.

In partnering with Supplement Factory, brands gain access to extensive manufacturing expertise, ensuring products are grounded in quality, integrity, and scientific validation. For collaboration inquiries and more information on our capabilities, contact us.