Growth That Isn’t Shrinking

In recent years, wholesale weight loss supplements have boomed with both men and women have become increasingly aware of looking after their bodies and appearance.

Wholesale Weight Loss Supplements

With obesity becoming more of an issue within the UK and USA, the diet industry is booming with weight loss estimated at a $55 billion a year industry globally across meal replacements and supplements.

Today’s wholesale weight loss supplements are steering towards more ‘healthy’ and ‘natural’ and offering more within each sachet or supplement, with the best value for money. A key driver in the market is the added health benefits; a multitude of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants included within formulas to help prime the body for the consumers end goal.

Private label meal replacements are evolving to become more about what the consumer wants; a multitude of flavours, alternative ways to create, alternative versions for specific dietary preferences such as vegan protein. Supplement Factory can cater to this market with a variety of vegan blends. With more consumer-friendly brands emerging in the market, the benefits of protein powder appeal to a wider audience for weight loss.

The support team here at Supplement Factory are constantly finding innovative ways within the weight loss category. Whether it includes predicted trends, new ingredients or components, we are always one step ahead to support your existing products and suggest new ones to shape your brand.

Busy lifestyles also mean that achieving optimum exercise for the everyday office worker is nearby impossible. Supplement Factory’s Body boosting collection such as raspberry ketones, fat burners and Garcinia Cambogia give your range ranges that, combined with meal replacements, offer your consumers the full weight loss package. There is no limit to what we can provide, from capsules, gummies and powders. Supplements Factory are specialists in wholesale weight loss supplements.


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