coronavirusConsumers worldwide are experiencing the need to improve their immune systems to prevent adverse infectious disease outcomes. Some of the key factors that are driving the global immune health supplements market are the growing prevalence of chronic diseases, the increasing geriatric population, and covid-19.

Immune health supplements generally consist of formulations that contain enzymes, minerals, fibres, vitamins, amino acids, herbs, or other nutritional ingredients. These supplements provide nutrients that are extracted from food sources like plants and animals. They can be consumed orally and will support the removal of any nutritional deficiency.

The increasing demand for combined formulations, flexibility in storage, growing health awareness, and rising health concerns due to covid-19 are expected to boost the demand for immune supplements over the projected period until 2024.

With the outbreak of a global pandemic, many have faced salary cuts and job losses. Covid-19 has become a threat to the entire world’s economy and has negatively impacted all kinds of markets, including the immune health supplements market. With less disposable income and broken supply chains, the market’s growth is expected to slow down. However, due to the virus, the demand for immunity booster consumables has gone up. Since there is no vaccine, the body has to fight the virus itself, and having a strong immunity helps in doing that.