Proudly manufacturing for some of Europe’s and the worlds largest sports nutrition brands, Supplement Factory is a sports nutrition manufacturer with a leading edge.

We take a high level of pride and remain ambitious at all times when it come to delivering state of the art new product development (NPD) for the companies that we serve.

Our nutrition experts strive to bring cutting edge technology to the industry and have recently begun a sustained release pellet compound program. You can find out more about adding value, bio-availability and performance to your range by clicking here.

Whilst we host a myriad of accreditation and adhere to the strictest quality management system processes, the most exciting part of our business is the NPD. This is because we do not see limitations, only challenges that need to be resolved.

Supplement Factory is a specialist solid dose centre, providing cutting edge capsule technology in the form of supplements and medical devices. We have now turned our attention to sports nutrition powders such as BCAA’s, proteins from a multitude of sources and pre-workout drinks.

The attention to quality and detail that Supplement Factory pays to the entire development and manufacturing process compliments our existing business model and the buying power that we have ensures that you get a great price. This makes us one of the leading sports nutrition manufacturers in Europe.


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