Focus & Nootropics

The Global Nootropics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.6% during the forecasting period ( 2020-2027).

The global market for the Nootropics Market is primarily driven by the growing awareness regarding the health benefits of the nootropics and increasing consumer spending on healthcare and wellness products. The rising trend of cognitive enhancement among healthy people for academic success, professional advantage, athletic performance, personal improvement, and to sustain brain activities during old age is expected to improve the product demand during the forecast period. Additionally, the easy accessibility and cost-effectiveness of the product are expected to boost the sale of the product.

Getting past Caffeine

Without a doubt, caffeine is the most popular nootropic there is. Enabling students focus to study all night before an exam and preventing truck drivers from falling asleep at the wheel, caffeine is tried, tested and effective. But it has disadvantages, especially if consumed in excess. The famous “jitters,” sleep disturbances and irritability are among the most common side effects.

What is happening currently is that we are seeing a much more diverse offering of focus and nootropics. These are often targeted at young people who want to improve their performance, mental as well as physical, throughout the day in a more sustainable way.