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On the 28th of January, three members of Supplement Factory are flying out to Dubai to attend Arab Health, the region’s largest healthcare exhibition in the MENA region. The event is expected to welcome over 105,000 attendees from 150 countries within the health industry expecting to see the latest innovative technology designed for the health sector.

The purpose of the visit is three fold; to build, educate and learn. We plan to build our existing business in the region, from a branded perspective Supplement Factory want to grow the distribution of our in-house ingredients like Lipomyl -For fat binding. By educating ourselves and meeting with potential new partners for distribution and contract manufacturing opportunities we can educate them about the products and services that we offer. This will allow them to get involved with UK manufactured products and stay ahead of the competition. The team will also spend time learning about the market, gaining a deeper understanding of the sort of trends that are successfully performing in the Middle East. This will give added guidance and further support our UK customers looking to export into the region.

Matt Banks, International Sales Director at Supplement Factory will be attending the Arab Health. Matt oversees the sales function of the business from a contract manufacturing and retail brand perspective. Matt has already spent considerable time in the Gulf region and has started to establish a strong set of customers.
“The Middle East is a vibrant region with a very enthusiastic interest in British Made brands and Products. We have already started making strong links with the region and look forward to growing this during the trip.”

Aaron Quinn will also be attending, as Supplement Factory’s new recruit. Aaron has joined the team to lead the newly formed Spheratrix unit and will be using the trip to meet new potential partners at Arab Health. Having extensive experience in the pellet industry and as a wet chemist, Aaron’s wealth of experience will be a true asset to the team.
“Supplement Factory continues to strengthen its core capabilities and is now able to offer its customers our services as sustained release pellet manufacturers. The food supplement industry is the fastest emerging market to use this technology and it is either being implemented for enhancing existing products or bringing new premium innovation to market. Arab Health will be the perfect way to introduce our new capabilities to the Middle Eastern market, with the potential to connect with thousands of members of the health industry”.

Sam Conebar will be the last, but not least, of the team attending the Arab Health. Sam heads up Supplement Factory’s New Product Development function and will be visiting clients to discuss their requirements as well as visiting potential partners at the show that have technologies and ingredients Supplement Factory can partner with. He will also be spending his time wisely in-market, gaining a deeper understanding of local legislation.

“The Middle East is a rapidly expanding marketing for health and sports nutrition supplements, so it is important for us to understand the types of products and brands that are succeeding. This will allow us to tailor certain products to the region and also offer NPD to any potential Middle Eastern customers.”

This combined knowledge of the Middle Eastern market will make Supplement Factory more of an authority when creating products for export to the region and allow us to make full use of our Halal-registered manufactured facility.