As a halal certified supplement manufacturer, the control of food ingredients that go into the supply chain is imperative. The halal food sector is growing its demand and appetite for halal products on a daily basis. Working to the strict guidelines required to gain halal accreditation, Supplement Factory has fully embraced the needs and demands of the sector. The halal market is one of the most valuable in the food supplement sector. According to The Halal Trust, the growth of halal is a lifestyle choice response of 18 to 34-year-old adults, who want to adopt a modern lifestyle in keeping with their spiritual values. The halal process is straightforward, but equally technical, to gain a better understanding of the process, please see our step-by-step guide notes:

Supplement Factory Halal Certified
  1. Customer liaises with NPD/Sales team and identifies product requirements with specified ingredients
  2. Purchasing team liaises with suppliers to ensure halal approved material is available and meets requirements specified (quality and halal approved)
  3. Technical must review supplier documentation and confirm it meets criteria, it includes the following:
    • The material is being sourced from an approved supplier
    • The material meets quality requirements and customer specifications
    • A halal certificate is supplied detailing essential requirements
    • The specification is available and matches all documentation
  4. Once all documentation is reviewed and acceptable by technical and the customer, the product specification is formally issued.
  5. A brand licence application is submitted to The Halal Trust – Contract is created between the two parties.
  6. Label artwork is created with the appropriate logo issued by The Halal Trust.
  7. The production specification, raw material specifications, halal certificates and label is submitted to The Halal Trust for approval and entered onto their system.
  8. Once approval is granted, the manufacturing and sales process can commence!

What Our People Say

“Registering for Halal certification was always on the agenda for Supplement Factory as it allows our customers to offer their consumers product and ingredient protection and guarantee for safe consumption. It allows us to be open to a wider community and a larger market potential whilst ensuring the products meet the purity required.” .

Opportunities With Halal

If you already have a brand and looking to grow sales by exporting, then the Middle East should be a key priority. The region has a population of 218 million people, with some of the highest spend globally and a real desire for UK manufactured products. To take advantage of this market, selling products that are fully Halal certified should be a key consideration to ensure that your brand reach is maximised. Find out more about our British Retail Consortium status here.

Quality, Quality, Quality

Supplement Factory is a fully BRC certified contract manufacturer facility and our quality management systems are the backbone of our growing enterprise. As a well known Kent based supplement manufacturer, that takes pride in everything that we do, it is with pleasure that we invite you to inspect some of our other accreditations: