Trends of 2019 – 6 key trends that will impact the supplement industry

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Late September, global consumer research published a report showing supplement trends and that consumers are now becoming increasingly likely to treat their bodies like ecosystems and increase their health and well-being targets as a new year resolution rather than weight loss.

The research by Mintel shows that consumers are looking for personalisation in health and wellness as much as possible, with as many as 42% of the British public interested in a personalised diet based on their DNA.

Developments in health monitoring, such as ingestible capsules will satisfy demand by consumers for the personalised approach, as scientific research slowly builds for food supplements.

He stated that over the last few years in supplement trends we have seen people being more and more aware of different areas of their life to target and improve overall wellbeing, both physically and mentally. This is partly due to increased pressure and stress levels, and people looking for alternate ways to better their quality of life. Because of the wealth of information online, consumers can very quickly and easily research into what they can eat, drink and apply to their skin that will help to de-stress, lose weight, increase alertness and more.

6 key supplement trends shaping the global consumer landscape

Total Wellbeing – Consumers are treating their bodies like an ecosystem, seeking solutions that compliment

From gut-friendly products with probiotics, consumers will begin to demand products that balance and boost natural bacteria found within the body. The director of trends at Mintel EMEA states that products focusing on microbiome health have come to the market and pushes awareness of a fresh aspect of wellbeing, in return increasing demand for products that are tailored to specific health requirements.

Consumers are looking externally to their surroundings and internally towards their physical and mental wellbeing, expecting holistic approaches to wellness rather than a medicinal approach.

Challenge Accepted – a growing momentum to take on new challenges is driving consumers to reach new heights and uncover new passions.

Rethink plastic – Reducing the amount of plastic is driving consumers to review their own behaviours and try to prevent plastic pollution.

When it comes to recycling, supplement trends mean that well-meaning consumers are desperate to do the right thing but often simply don’t know how or where to start. As consumers continue to challenge brands over the perils of plastic waste, the development of recyclable products and packaging that are convenient for consumers to separate will be critical. But equally as important will be creating incentives and initiatives; in China, 58% are willing to pay more for ethical brands.

On Display – Consumers and brands are becoming increasingly aware that they have a digital persona to nurture and grow, with supplement trends having to follow suit.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for companies and brands to have social media strategies in place and to train employees about company morals and etiquette, so that when (not if) they are faced with a sensitive issue, they know how to handle it in a timely way.

Social Isolation – Constant digital connectivity has replaced physical social interaction, which is increasing the cases of loneliness, depression and isolation, which has created a demand for a new range of products within the industry.

34% of Brazilian Millennials (aged 19-35) saying they prefer to contact companies/brands online rather than in-store or over the phone and smart home technology and delivery services make it easier than ever for consumers to feel they have everything they need under their own roof.

Redefining adulthood – The concept of what it means to be an adult has changed beyond recognition and consumers are adapting to lives that don’t fit the mould.

Despite more convenience and opportunity, the challenges of adulthood have not disappeared. Those looking to capitalize on this will serve as a resource for these hurdles by making responsibilities feel more manageable and even fun. With a growing remote workforce, consumers’ daily lives are fluid and brands have to adapt to lifestyles no longer defined by 9-5 work cultures.

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