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As the nutraceuticals industry evolves to meet the growing needs of consumers, branded ingredients supported by clinical research offer added value to product developers. Because consumers are increasingly demanding unquestionable quality and efficacy, branded ingredients will increasingly play a fundamental role within the marketplace.

Branded ingredients benefit developers by giving the product a symbol of quality, often coming with clinical studies that prove the product successfully does what it says. This provides substance for marketing the products, with any product claims increasing consumer trust. When it comes to consumers, trust is invaluable. The more information a supplier can provide about a product directly to consumers, the value is reinforced when the product is picked up in store or seen online. Education is underutilized within the supplement sector, and building trust through educating consumers will build a strong foundation for your new branded product.


With consumers getting increasingly wise to branded ingredients, the use of them provides transparency today as all of the information surrounding the branded product is easily accessible online and even easier to recognise compared to basic ingredients. All of Supplement Factory’s works closely with branded ingredient suppliers all around the world, therefore enabling us to provide a wide range. Using branded ingredients provides a way to differentiate your products and formulations from the competition, consequently giving you an edge.

Lipomyl™, for example, is a branded ingredient used for fat binding. This clinically researched ingredient comes equipped with an EFSA approved claim that it lowers cholesterol. It is approved by LRQA and stamped with an EC mark for European recognized safety. This information back up the product will make any product containing Lipomyl™ to blow competitors out of the water due to its testing and information.

Basic ingredients cannot claim that products actually do anything, yet most branded ingredients come equipped with EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) health claims, which is a statement, authorised to be used on labels in marketing and advertising. There are thousands of different branded ingredients available across a multitude of product categories. Whether you are looking for on-trend wellness ingredients, research-back propriety sports blends or herbal extracts with specific beauty functions, Supplement Factory can help find the right option for you.

Patent ingredients are more expensive than standard ingredients but this is due to clinical studies and guaranteed quality. If a customer is after a quality, efficacious product, they are willing to pay the extra. Consumers in their peak earning years are most willing to pay a premium for products that contain branded ingredients that come with supporting research. Your finished product will have a luxurious premium look and feel, which customers will pay more for as a result.

We can provide a list of services, including licensing agreements with the suppliers on your behalf to give you access to a wealth of marketing information, scientific studies and technical data as well as brand logos and imagery that can be used on your unique packaging.