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You are looking to create private label supplements, but are trying to find someone to help provide high-quality ingredients, fantastic eye-catching branding and A grade unparalleled customer service and advice. What makes Supplement Factory different from its competitors? Customers can expect all three and more.

How Can Supplement Factory Help With Private Label Supplements?

Supplement Factory’s team of qualified nutritional experts can help get you started with a private label product, therefore providing custom formulations based on your strategy, initial ideas and budget. The team’s efficient way of developing product strategy has been utilized by a multitude of different brands from fledglings to blue-chip brands.

Whether you are looking for a halal, vegetarian, vegan or organic private label supplements, our nutritionists will ensure each component fits your needs, while being the best quality. The team can offer a range of patented components that you won’t find anywhere else, offering a premier edge over competitors. We specialize in the development of beauty, sports nutrition, weight loss, health and well being, medical devices and animal nutrition, meaning our expertise stretch to any product requirement. We can manufacture bulk product up to 300 million supplement capsules, well being powdered supplements, soft gels and 50 million easy to swallow tablets to name just a few.

Supplement Factory’s manufacturing facility has been set up by a leading chemistry expert with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. The factory is GMP certified, with every machine being cleaned with military precision. All production taking place in an ISO Class 8 clean environment with controlled temperature and air levels. The quality doesn’t end there however, as our factory is BRC (British Retail Consortium) AA accredited. Supplement Factory are extremely proud of their efforts, achieving such a high grade with the globally recognised regulatory body. Could it get any better?

Yes, It can. As well as all of the above, Supplement Factory is an ISO 13485 accredited manufacturing facility. This means we can develop and manufacture medical devices under license and offer in-house developed medical devices on an own brand label basis.

What Happens Next?

Once you have developed a custom formulation using the highest quality components, our in house design team can help you to create innovative, bold designs. These will catch the eye of the right consumers while providing the appropriate information and directions of use, bringing your vision to life. Looking at the tone and visual ideas, colour schemes and use of the product, our technical designers will bring your idea together.

Investing in your brand identity and creating a strong brand adds value to a business. A recognizable brand is worth more. It can be developed over time through good customer service, fulfilling your brand promise, meeting expectations and consistent application of a well-designed identity. Part of meeting those expectations is looking professional, and a great visual brand identity making your end product look the part and represent you as a brand. – James Mercer, Creative Director at Supplement Factory.

We understand you want your private label supplements to fit the diverse needs of your business, all while offering you full control of your brand every step of the way. Supplement Factory will regularly send you updates, designs and ideas to you, making sure you are thrilled with the outcome.

Private label supplements can be delivered worldwide from as little as 6 weeks after confirmation.

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Our team of industry experts not only work towards producing the highest standards of sports and health nutrition products, but also lend their knowledge towards educating the industry on the latest advances in products, ingredients and formulations.

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