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Kicking off food supplement export in Dubai

We know that we are not the only Food supplement manufacturers delivering within GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). So, this November I have travelled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to increase our export portfolio.

This decision, to travel 7 hours east, has been taken to build stronger relations in mainland Europe and outside of the EU.

In addition, Supplement Factory is now an Halal certified supplement manufacturer.

My trip follows a very successful trip earlier in the year to Gulf Foods Expo. This was an equally worthwhile event, developing major contacts.

Fortunately, we have been able to do this easier because the pound is weaker against the dollar and the euro right now.

Whilst a weaker currency can make purchasing some components more expensive, from a procurement perspective, for the time being, we are still able to remain competitive.

I have travelled out to Dubai with our sales director, Matt Banks, who has experience in the region. He has been able to develop some crucial relationships for us.

Notwithstanding our commitment to developing British made food supplements to this region by camping out here, the leads from this fantastic new website continue to flood in, which I am elated about

The GCC, The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, represents a rapidly growing appetite for all things healthy. Arab businesses are keen to import foreign brands that are prestigious and well made. Quality is crucial, this plays to our strengths.

Food supplement manufacturers delivering within GCC

As quality standards evolve, it becomes harder for unaccredited fly-by-night manufacturers to enter the market. Happily, this is welcomed news for locals.

My trip has yielded a tremendous amount of insight, some of which I list below:

  • UK Food supplement manufacturers delivering within GCC are underrepresented in the economic region
  • Arab appetite for high quality food supplements is on the increase
  • Modern trends see convenience and quality move ahead of price
  • Competition is growing in the market as new players join the race
  • Demand is at a record high and growing
Food supplement manufacturers delivering within GCC

Food supplement manufacturers delivering to GCC

Coming back out to the Middle East has always been a part of the company strategy and this will shape part of our ongoing plans in terms of budget and branding aspirations.

Offsetting currencies, whilst risky if you’re not familiar with the process, is paramount to hedging any issues that may arise from Brexit.

Of course, we are not turning off the tap at home in the UK, we have a dedicated and growing team that is hungrier than ever.

We can offer a range of options to UAE, Saudi Arabian and other GCC region supplement brands and retailers, often cheaper than American manufacturers and with faster delivery times.

Our unique experience of listing brands through The Windmill Program means that we know what brands want, so we are now offering this on a wider scale.

For now, we are excited and following our recent growth in Europe, where brands look to secure relations with their British counterparts, the future is looking bright.