UAE Supplement Manufacturing: A Clear Guide to the Registration Process


For businesses eager to venture into the UAE dietary supplement market, it’s essential to have a grasp of the prevailing regulations. 

The UAE presents a lucrative opportunity for dietary supplements, but tapping into this potential demands an understanding of the intricate registration process. This guide aims to shed light on this process, offering a structured and comprehensive roadmap.


Building a Relationship with the Ministry of Health

Central to your successful entry is establishing a strong rapport with the UAE Ministry of Health (MoH). They play a pivotal role, ensuring every product entering the market is both safe and effective for consumers. 

Building this positive relationship can pave the way for an efficient review, helping you bypass potential bottlenecks.


Ensuring Your Manufacturing Facility Meets Standards

Another cornerstone of the process is your manufacturing facility’s accreditation. The MoH has clear requirements in this domain, emphasising on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) or BRC (British Retail Consortium) standards

We, at Supplement Factory, proudly bear both accreditations, enhancing the odds of a swifter registration process.


Key Documents for a Smooth Registration

The paperwork is akin to the lifeline of the registration process. Here’s a more detailed overview:


FSC: Free Sale Certificate  

This certificate is pivotal, asserting that your product is safely sold in other markets. It acts as a green light for the MoH, hinting that your product is likely to be well-received in the UAE.


Label and Artwork 

Beyond being a design aspect, labels are regulatory essentials. They should clearly indicate the country of origin, with phrases like “Made in” or “Manufactured by”. It’s also imperative that they align with the stipulated MoH guidelines.


COA: Certificate of Analysis

Think of the CoA as a comprehensive health check for your product. Authenticated by a recognized laboratory, it provides the MoH with a snapshot of your product’s quality, ensuring it meets the necessary safety benchmarks.


COC: Certificate of Composition & Halal Certificate 

While the COC provides a detailed list of ingredients, the Halal certificate is crucial for supplements targeting the UAE’s predominantly Muslim population. It assures adherence to Islamic dietary norms, ensuring your product is fit for its intended audience.


Other Key Documents

Other essential paperwork includes the Relationship Declaration, confirming ties between your company and any third-party suppliers, and the GMP/BRC documentation, proving your adherence to international standards of quality.

Embarking on the journey of supplement registration in the UAE may seem daunting initially. However, armed with this knowledge and the right partner, it becomes a structured and navigable process. 

Contact us to set things in motion.


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