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Food supplements in the beauty industry are gaining an increasing amount of attention, as consumers become better informed about the efficiency and necessity of different nutrients and supplements. It was also reported that the global women’s health and beauty supplements market size was valued at USD 53.4 billion in 2022.

The rise in popularity for consumers investing in ‘beauty from within’ has meant increased demand for popular and trusted beauty brands to provide food supplements that complement their consumers’ daily regimes and help them to shine from within.

So the question is, can your beauty brand afford to not capture the attention, and share of wallet, from your consumers by providing them with the food supplements they so desire?

Adding beauty nutraceuticals to your existing product range allows your consumers to combine the benefits of nutrition and topical beauty products to achieve the maximum desirable claims your products make. 

For those looking to capitalise on this growing trend, navigating the launch of a nutraceuticals product can be tricky. Layered with complex formulas, complicated product specifications and very rigid quality and compliance requirements, it’s no mean feat to get your beauty food supplements project off the ground.

We’ve broken down our experience to summarise a four step process for those considering entering the food supplements market or even those already producing food supplements and looking to expand that range.

  1. Know your brand USP
  2. Find a gap you fit into
  3. Innovate and differentiate
  4. Partner with an expert

The perfect food supplements unique to your brand and USP

The first step is to know your brand and stay true to your USP’s when exploring a complimentary food supplement range.

Food supplements can be as bespoke as your own brand. With complimentary ingredients that support everything ranging from mental wellbeing to skin and hair care support.

If your core demographic buys anti-aging products, we can discuss biohacking products. If you have an audience looking for an ethically sourced, internal balance, as well as an external glow then we can also tailor formulas to include specialised products containing any range of plant-based phytochemicals, probiotics, and other bioactive compounds.

It is key to work with the strength of your existing brand and build your food supplements formula from there.


Find a food supplements gap that your beauty brand fits into

Despite the increasing growth of food supplements within the beauty industry there is always space to shine.

Using your USPs it is possible to create a food supplement that compliments your existing brand values and product range.

This unique gap can be found in the formulation and pairing of unique products, such as creating a collagen product that also includes ingredients which help the mind to focus, or your competitive edge can be found in the format of the product, such as powder supplements in sachets as an alternative to capsules.

It is about ensuring, first and foremost, that the supplement is of the highest quality and also that it reflects and compliments your brand all the while giving the customers what they need.

You need a partner that will work with you, get to know your band and knows the market well enough to create a product with that competitive edge for you.

Create a winning food supplements formula and differentiate

As well as everything we have covered, the success of the product you create can lie in the strength of its claims, therefore it’s critical for you to understand the products you’re offering and the science behind them.

Through new product development we can create a bespoke formula that supports your desired label claims and creates a product unique to your business that aligns with your USP’s.

Partner with an expert

Finally, seeking out someone who is already successful in this market and learning from them is important.

You can garner real market experience without the time investment or potential pitfalls. An established supplements manufacturer such as ourselves can help your brand to successfully navigate entry into this market, providing invaluable advice, experience and support that will enable any business to succeed with a food supplement launch.

The beauty nutraceuticals industry is complex and requires an experienced team to ensure the highest quality and safety of the products.

Supplement Factory has been manufacturing and supplying products across the beauty market and in international markets for over 10 years. Working with an experienced manufacturing partner like us gives you the benefit of our experience to help you launch a successful food supplement that compliments your brand and successfully places you into a new market segment.

Supplement Factory has been manufacturing and supplying products across the beauty market and in international markets for years. Working with an experienced manufacturing partner like us gives you the benefit of our experience to help you map out your own route better and ensure more success than simply learning by trial and error.

If you’re interested in expanding your range and want to discuss food supplements manufacturing then please get in touch with us on +44(0)330 311 2761 or request a quote.

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