A Beauty Brands Guide To NMN, Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, The Anti-Aging Superfood

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NMN, or nicotinamide mononucleotide, is a premium food supplement that is quickly becoming one of the most popular anti-aging superfoods requested by consumers.

This powerful supplement has become a must-have for beauty and wellness brands, as its anti-aging benefits are reported to make those taking it look and feel younger.


What are the key benefits of adding NMN to your beauty supplements food range?

When expanding your product range into beauty food supplements, you’re looking for a product that can be sold at the right price point and with label claims that can be backed.

NMN is the perfect fit, as a premium product it tends to RRP in excess of £25 per unit and there are several key benefits to your customers such as:

  • Reversing the signs of aging
  • Repairing cell damage
  • Reducing physical signs of oxidative stress on the skin
  • Additional benefits such as heart and brain health


What is the role of NMN in the body?

NMN helps to support the entire body’s functions and reverse the effects of aging. So when you perform better on the inside it shows on the outside.

To be a bit more precise, NMN is a (one of many actually) precursor to the creation of NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) which is essential for cell function and among other things is key for repairing damage to your cells and DNA.

As production of both of these in our bodies are reported to decline with age, we understandably as a species are looking to science for ways to replenish these.

Studies have shown that replenishing NMN is a positive step to helping your body in repairing cell damage and supporting your body as you age.


What is the role of NMN in beauty food supplements?

Simply put, by supporting the repairing of damaged cells and DNA internally this has a positive impact on how we look on the outside. But also this NMN benefit goes much deeper in supporting a healthy aging process.


What food supplement formats can NMN be included in?

Capsules are generally the format we advise for your NMN food supplement, these are usually provided in either 250mg or 500mg.

A higher dose capsule of 500mg appeals to the higher end of the beauty food supplement market, and premium beauty brands should be discussing capsules of around this size.


What other ingredients compliment an NMN formula?

As part of your formula there are a range of ingredients you could consider inducing that complement NMN, for example:

  • vitamins and minerals with EFSA claims such as Vitamin C & E
  • Biotin
  • collagen
  • hyaluronic acid





Regulatory Changes.

The regulatory guidelines on NMN have changed recently, to find out more and discus any projects that you have in mind, please contact us.





To sum up…

At the end of the day, looking good on the outside starts with feeling good on the inside. This makes it an ideal supplement for people of all ages who want to stay healthy as they get older.

If you’d like to know more about the possibilities for including NMN in a range of beauty food supplements for your brand, and to discuss a bespoke formula to support your products label claims then get in touch.

For support on your next beauty food supplements project, or to discuss a formula bespoke to your brand, get in touch with us on +44(0)330 311 2761 or request a quote.

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