Should you be manufacturing clear whey protein for your supplements brand?

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If brands are looking for a fresher alternative to traditional whey concentrate protein shakes then clear whey isolate could be the product they need to add to their range.

A rise in reviews from influencers in the fitness industry along with a selection of new products being released to the consumer market, has led to us at Supplement Factory seeing an increase in demand with regards to clear whey supplements manufacturing.

As the warmer weather approaches, with its lighter consistency, more palatable citrus flavours and variety of uses, clear whey is making a comeback.

So what exactly is Clear Whey?

Put simply, it’s an ultra-clear low(er*) fat whey protein isolate that offers superior quality nutrition compared to other forms of milky whey protein like concentrate.

Because of it’s clear and lighter consistency it’s often used in cold drinks post workout, it can be taken directly with water and it’s very well suited to lighter more citrus flavours which consumer see as a welcome alternative to standard vanilla, chocolate and somewhat heavier protein flavours. It’s translucency and lack of flavour actually also make it perfect for cocktails, baking and cooking to add protein without compromising the original flavour of the product it is added to.

Clear whey isolate is made through the acidification and purification of whey protein at a low pH. It is then often further hydrolyzed, which is a pre-digestion process stripping out elements that the consumers don’t want to digest and only leaving behind the top quality nutrients. As it is an isolate it is also known to have a higher level of protein per 100 calorie serving, as well as lower levels of carbohydrate and lower levels of fat.

The further processing of clear whey isolate allows for what is called a superior bioavailability of higher quality protein molecules, these peptides are more easily absorbed into the blood stream which is ideal for muscle recovery, growth and repair.

The whole manufacturing process lends itself to a lighter and more desirable end product, and often results in a finer consistency of powder, supporting that lighter feel and consistency that consumers are looking for.

Clear whey isolate will also often have an anti foaming agent added in order to quickly reduce the level of foam produced during shaking, and leave the consumer with a clear and virtually foam free liquid to be consumed as it is or added to a refreshing drink.

Why do your customers want clear whey protein?

A nutritious and rapidly absorbable form of whey protein, clear whey isolate is quickly becoming a popular choice for health-conscious consumers looking for a great way to get the most out of their diet. Clarity, taste, convenience – these are all reasons why customers prefer clear whey isolate protein.

As it is a whey isolate it boasts a high protein*, low carb profile with less calories per gram and isolates are typically more easily absorbed into the system making it a quality addition to any range of protein supplements.

The product dissolves quickly into a translucent clear liquid thanks to added anti-foaming agents and is easily added to a variety of food types without compromising on taste or consistency, it is even used in baking with reported positive results.

Consumers typically turn to clear whey isolate as a refreshing alternative to more milky, thick whey concentrate products. It provides a lighter alternative in the summer months and, depending on your unique flavour formula and combined nutritional formula, it can boast low-lactose and gluten free claims.

How are consumers using clear whey isolate?

  • Easily mixed with water for a clear drink
  • Perfect for fruity and citrus flavoured drinks
  • Can be added to fruit drinks and mocktails for a sociable protein intake
  • Added to baking without compromising flavour
  • Can be added to desserts without compromising flavour

Key benefits of clear whey isolate compared to whey concentrate

  • A clear and light consistency
  • No milky texture and low in lactose
  • No overwhelming flavours so it can be combined with more food types
  • Tastes great in light and fruity flavours
  • Offers a refreshing addition to a food supplement regime
  • Higher gram of protein per serving
  • Lower calories per serving
  • Lower sugar per serving

Effort vs Cost in manufacturing clear whey protein

The process for obtaining clear whey protein, which is in essence very similar to regular whey isolate, is more complicated and takes longer than producing a traditional, milky, whey concentrate. As you would expect, with a more complicated extraction and manufacturing process the cost for producing clear whey does outrank traditional whey proteins.

However, the positive return for your business is that depending on the strength of your brand and your customer base you can expect to sell clear whey for 15%-50%* more per gram compared to the price point for a traditional whey protein.

The demand from the customers is clearly there and production turnaround times are the same so we can have your product ready in no time, perfect for warmer months when clear whey popularity rises for its use in a variety of food and light drinks, moving users away from heavy milky shakes while still maintaining their protein intake.

All in all, clear whey protein offers an undeniably tasty solution along with being both light on calories and easy to dissolve which makes it ideal for many different occasions and a variety of lifestyles.

If you’re interested in clear whey isolate or whey concentrate manufacturing, please get in touch with us on +44(0)330 311 2761 or request a quote.


*Whey Protein Isolate vs Concentrate: What’s The Difference?
** Figures estimated from a cross section of brands selling whey protein and clear whey protein January – February 2023.

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