Innovating Women’s Health: A Probiotic Development Success Story


  • Partnered with a brand boasting over £30 million turnover to prove the efficacy of a probiotic strain for women’s health.
  • Successfully conducted both in vitro and in vivo studies, followed by comprehensive testing and pilot manufacturing.
  • Facilitated product registration and patent applications, leading to full-scale manufacturing and a parallel clinical trial.


In a groundbreaking project, we collaborated with a distinguished client, known for their impressive turnover exceeding £30 million, to validate the efficacy of a specific probiotic strain beneficial to women’s health. 

This case study illustrates our comprehensive approach in facilitating this innovative endeavour, demonstrating our capabilities in the field of probiotic research and product development.


Turning Concept into Reality

Our client approached us with an innovative concept: a probiotic strain that can break down a particular metabolite into components with physiological benefits for women’s health. Our challenge was to transform this idea into a tangible, marketable product. We focused on perfecting the formula, ensuring that it was not only effective but also feasible for large-scale production. 

Our collaboration was key in evolving a promising concept into a practical product. By working closely together, we successfully developed a probiotic that was ready for extensive testing and poised to make a real difference in the market.


In Vitro Study

The project began with an in vitro study, an essential step to validate the probiotic strain’s effectiveness in a controlled lab setting. This phase was crucial for proving how the strain works and ensuring it could benefit women’s health. 

The positive results from this initial study not only confirmed the strain’s efficacy but also gave us valuable insights, laying a solid foundation for the more advanced stages of our research and development process.


In Vivo Study

Progressing to a more complex scenario, we conducted an in vivo study within a synthetic stomach environment

This phase was instrumental in demonstrating the strain’s effectiveness in conditions that closely mimic the human digestive system.


Project Management

Throughout these tests, our role extended beyond mere facilitation. We expertly managed the project, encompassing pilot manufacturing, stability testing, contamination and volatility assessments, and preparations for full-scale manufacturing.


This comprehensive management ensured that every aspect of the product’s development was meticulously overseen, guaranteeing high standards of quality and efficacy.


The results of these studies were not only successful but also pivotal for the product’s journey. They formed the basis for both product registration and patent applications, marking significant milestones in the product’s lifecycle. 


Furthermore, these results laid the foundation for a clinical trial, which was conducted in parallel with the product’s market launch. Notably, this trial was not a legal requirement but rather a commitment by the brand to further validate their product’s efficacy, underscoring their dedication to evidence-based product development.


Ultimately, our efforts culminated in the full-scale manufacturing of the product. 


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