Plastic Packaging Tax 2022. What does it mean for Supplement Brands?

There’s some big news in the packaging world and it’s pretty bad news for supplement brands and companies that package their products predominantly in plastic.

As of April 2022, these businesses will be subject to an additional tax based on the amount of recycled content in the plastic packaging they use. While those who are savvy about packaging and reducing their use of plastic will be less affected, this is still an enormous change that may throw their business off-balance if they don’t plan.

If you’re running a supplement brand, the UK’s announcement of the plastic packaging tax in its recent budget announcement may have left you scratching your head. What exactly is this tax? And how will it affect your supplement brand? This post takes an in-depth look at the issues behind this upcoming tax and how the Supplement Factory can help you minimise the use of plastic packaging on your product.

What is the Plastic Packaging Tax 2022?

The Plastic Tax (officially called Packaging Levy) is a new tax that has been introduced in England and Wales, which will take effect from April 1st, 2022. The tax encourages firms to use plastic with 30% and higher recycled content and sustainable packaging. This is a big step towards eliminating single-use plastic and making Britain more environmentally sustainable.

Who does this affect, and what supplement products are most likely to be impacted?

The simple answer is anyone who uses plastic packaging and supplement companies are no exception. Plastic Packaging Tax applies to plastic packaging components manufactured in or imported into the UK containing less than 30% recycled plastic when measured by weight. The tax will be £200 per tonne of plastic.

Supplements, including vitamins and mineral supplements, maybe impacted most because many come in bottles or packaging made from plastic, such as pouches, stick-packs, tubs, blisters, and sachets that consumers use once and throw away. It makes sense that businesses like supplement companies should pay a plastic tax for their plastic packaging.

There are several ways supplement companies can reduce the burden of this tax and encourage environmentally-friendly practices within their brands and with their consumers without sacrificing product quality or lowering sales numbers.

A few swaps to consider reducing plastic tax: For example,

  • Opt for 30% or higher recycled content plastic packaging.
  • You can also opt for metal cans or glass bottles and jars depending upon the supplement you’re selling. The lifespan might vary with these packaging methods.
  • Stocking up on items in bulk to reduce your packaging costs.
  • Opting for refillable glass containers instead of disposable ones if you’re selling liquid supplements.
  • Switch to compostable and recyclable packaging such as paper packaging or rPET. Syntegon provides paper blister packaging, and FRAPAK provides rPET bottles and rPET Jars.

How Can Supplement Factory Help? 

As a key player in manufacturing vitamin and food supplements, we have decades of experience in supplement manufacturing and packaging. Supplement Factory offers a range of recycled-content plastic and sustainable packaging options to meet customer demand for eco-friendly packaging that fully comply with the European composability standards EN13432.

Here are ways we can help your business reduce plastic tax.

  • We have a vast database of packaging suppliers worldwide. We can offer recyclable and compostable packaging such as rPET packaging, glass bottles/Jar, reusable metal jars, paper blisters, aluminium boxes, or pouches.
  • We offer supplement companies options to opt for higher recycled content plastic packaging options ranging from 30% to 100% recyclable content.
  • We have in-house experts who can guide you through packaging options that comply with Plastic Tax UK 2022, European composability standards EN13432 and any future legislation that fits your brands.
  • We can offer sustainability options such as FSC certified board and ocean plastic waste.
  • We also offer advice on R&D claims if you plan to develop new packaging options.
  • If you wish to completely transition away from plastic packaging towards more environmentally friendly options, we can also help you bring that vision to life.


At Supplement Factory, we’re concerned about protecting our environment and working towards a sustainable future. We support Plastic Tax 2022 or any move towards reducing plastic waste and encourage more companies to seek out sustainable packaging solutions that won’t negatively impact future generations or lead to further pollution issues such as microplastics in oceans and waterways.

Therefore, we provide Supplement companies with the options to package with higher recycled content or alternative sustainable packaging solutions that help you achieve your environmental goals without sacrificing your bottom line!

If you would like to know more about recycling and sustainable packaging options for your supplement business, please call us at +44(0)330 311 2761, or click here to request a quote.

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