Making Your Product Stand Out In a Retail Space

Making Your Product Stand Out In a Retail Space

Having a prominent retail presence for your product is an amazing way to generate profit and get your brand noticed by a vast audience. However, getting a customer to pick up your product in store rather than your competition might not be as easy as you think.

The bottom line of all businesses is of course to make money. Therefore, you need to drive sales of your product. whether this be through your own website or retail; marketing should be a key driver in reaching your audience. The way you market your product through retail channels will be very different to any ATL marketing you already do. Depending on the retailer your product is in will dictate what types of in-store marketing you can do. Your options might vary from in-store sampling to Point of Sale displays.

Each of these will likely incur costs but are a great way to get people to stop and pay attention to your product. Another excellent way of doing in-store marketing is to do meet & greets you’re your brand influencers/ambassadors. A brand that does this really well is Too Faced, They do lots of great influencer product collaborations and when the products launch they are usually sure to get that ambassador around the world/country to do meet and greets and bring people into the retailers they are stocked in.

Getting your product into a consumer’s hands are one of the hardest things about going into retail. As you will know, unless your product is something completely unique, you will likely have quite a bit of competition on your hands. If you have the budget and the means to send out samples in turn for reviews. This will be more applicable to online retailers such as Ocado because the customer does not have the chance to see the product first hand if it is new to them they will be heavily relying on reviews. As such, these types of retailers offer the service of putting samples in select parcels.

Branding will also be a huge part of drawing people in t buy your product. Given said retailer has agreed to stock your product we would assume you already have great branding! However, as mentioned in our tips for meeting with retail buyers you should always try to ensure your packaging makes it obvious as to what the product is and what it is for. Information should always be Hierarchical. There should be one main selling point on pack and everything else second to that. The average human attention span is 8 seconds so if your banding is cluttered and confusing the consumer may not have time to take in all of the information and therefore, they will lose interest. Moreover, if your product already exists on e-commerce platforms and sells well it still may be worth adapting your packaging for the retail space and looking at options such as foiling, neon or texture to make your product stand out – the possibilities are endless.

All in all, the best thing you can do is dare to be different. Consumers are always looking for something new to try. If you and the retailer have confidence in your product then you are on the right road to sales and all-important profit.

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