Apple Seeds and Brand Development

Brand Development is absolutely vital to create and maintain a successful brand.

Did you know – Apples aren’t true to seed, meaning when you plant an apple, sometimes it doesn’t grow into the same variety of apple that it came from.

But how does this relate to the food industry?

It’s about constant changes in trends and how businesses adapt. Lucozade is a great example of adapting over time, changing its variety and in return growing its popularity.

Lucozade was founded in 1927 by a chemist in Newcastle as his son had jaundice. Over time

it became popular through word of mouth and the concept was bought by Beecham, who launched Lucozade in a yellow bottle in 1938. This startup was created due to the idea that when you could not consume food due to illness, the glucose would provide the

body with the energy needed to get better. In the 1970s however, this concept began to decline, and Lucozade knew they had to make a change.

Repositioning & brand development

To address this problem, Lucozade aimed its focus at housewives that needed a morning “pick me up” in 1978, increasing sales by 11%, however, this growth did not last long.

However, they continued to focus on how to improve sales, and in 1980, a small ready to drink bottle was introduced to the market. This introduced the idea of a one-shot energy boost. This still did not recover lost sales.

In another attempt in 1983, carbonated glucose drinks were introduced. These drinks are still available today and have even adapted further into the sugar-free market to provide a healthier alternative in a thriving health-driven market.


How does this relate to the food supplement industry?

Although you may have a fantastic new concept idea for your start-up business, you may already begin to adapt and amend packaging, flavouring or even the main product on second and third runs.

The key is to be open to adapting your brand to suit your target market, you may begin as one key product but may find that a link sell item sells better, and their position on advertising and eCommerce changes.

You may find that people prefer one flavour to another, a natural version is preferred, or a new carton could be better for retail shelving.

At Supplement Factory, we know these changes can happen. We are happy to help amend artwork, reformulate products and recommend trends in the market to chase to allow your business to grow and succeed, much like Lucozade still do today.

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