Lonza launch new clean label capsule range

Lonza launch new clean label capsule range

In 2020, France will ban the use of titanium dioxide as a food additive after the country’s health and safety agency said there is not enough evidence to guarantee the safety of the substance.

Titanium dioxide is widely used within the industry as a whitener in capsule shells and food products, where it is often labelled E171 on food labels. In the cosmetic world, it is used as a pigment for sun creams, and to colour makeup.

In January 2017, the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA) published a study on the ingestion of titanium dioxide, linking it to cellular inflammation phenomena. The debate surrounding this discovery has consequently called for the ingredient to be banned, demanding a clean label. Suppliers are aiming to meet this demand before the full ban comes into effect in January 2020.

The clean label trend has been around for a long time, going back up to 15 years. But every year there is a stronger demand from industry and consumers to get cleaner and cleaner labels. Controversial ingredients are being pushed out and both suppliers and consumers are moving more towards plant-based ingredients. Consumers typically see these as healthier when compared to synthetic options.

As France prepares for the ban, it is predicted that countries surrounding it will begin to follow suit.

Swiss company Lonza have launched a range of clean label capsule shells to combat the ban of titanium dioxide, to allow companies to customise their products to suit their consumers, without losing the ability to customise and stand out in the market.

Conduction research in the US, Lonza discovered that:

  • 78% of supplement users want supplements from natural sources
  • 59% feel non GMO is important
  • 56% want plant-based ingredients
  • 58% want no sodium
  • 34% want gluten-free
  • 21% feel Kosher or halal suitable is important

34% of the UK population will pay more if it is exactly what they want.

VCaps Plus

White Opal

With enhanced scrutiny about the justified use of titanium dioxide as a white pigment in food supplements and its pending suspension within food items in 2020 in France, the Vcaps White Opal capsule has been designed to meet the growing demand for food supplements that do not contain the ingredient.

The benefits of the white opal capsules are that is it titanium oxide free, it is semi-opaque for a natural look and plant-based, using Hypromellose, water and semi-opacifier only. It masks ingredients and is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.


Other available colours include red radish, blue spirulina, spicy yellow and purple carrot.

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