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Traditional Herbal Remedies

Supplement Factory is proud to announce an expansion within our product range with a selection of private label traditional herbal remedies.

Traditional herbal remedies involve the use of plants to help improve overall health and wellness. Seeds, leaves, stems, bark, roots and flowers are all used within traditional herbal remedies over the course of their existence. The supplements are often delivered in tablet and capsule form, while also being present in herbal teas and drinks.

The history of traditional herbal remedies has been long. From the early Chinese empires to modern retail outlets, herbal remedies have maintained a strong presence within the health and wellness field. Herbal treatments have matured throughout history, along with the methods of delivering them.

In the beginning, the plants would have been consumed raw or combined with hot water as a form of soup or tea. Slowly, the plants were then dried and crushed and compacted or powdered over foods. Today, many modern consumers look to traditional herbal remedies for some common disorders as a cheaper and more natural alternative to pharmaceutical medicines.

No one knows for sure when humans began using herbs for healing purposes, but the first written record of a herbal remedy showed up in 2800 B.C. in China. Since then, the use of traditional herbal remedies has increased throughout the centuries.

Today, pharmaceutical medications are becoming less popular due to their potentially harmful side effects and addiction. Consumers are often seeking a natural alternative to approach an overall wellness.

Private Label Traditional Herbal Remedies

Supplement Factory will now offer 5 traditional herbal remedy products available for private labelling. These products will become a part of your brand, with full customization on packaging available.

Water Retention Tablets

private label water retention tabletsThe only one of its kind on the market, this unique product formulation is a traditional herbal diuretic used for the effective relief of bloating and the discomfort of water retention.

With over a quarter of adults in the UK using herbal medicines but with an increasingly educated consumer base, how can you stand out and offer superior standards?

Water Retention tablets have been through the long and rigorous government approval process to obtain a Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) which can be carried on the packaging as a sign of the highest quality and safety available.

Clear Skin Tablets

private label clear skin tabletsA unique product formulation designed to treat skin from within. This herbal medicine uses blood purifying and detoxifying properties to reduce inflammation and target skin conditions such as spots and mild acne. The effectiveness of this product is evident from consumer feedback describing how the tablets have turned around low confidence and self-consciousness resulting from spots and other skin issues.

St Johns Wort Tablets

A traditional herbal medicine containing the active ingredient St John’s Wort, known for its mood-boosting powers and can be as effective as prescribed anti-depressants.

Milk Thistle Tablets

Commonly used as a hangover cure, Milk Thistle is a traditional herbal medicine used during and after a big night of rich food and alcohol consumption. It is often used to detoxify the body and aid digestion.

Cold and Flu Tablets

Echinacea Cold & Flu is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve the symptoms of colds and influenza type infections. Based on traditional use only.

Echinacea has a long history of medical use for a wide variety of conditions but mainly for infections. It’s current medical use focuses on the prevention and treatment of the common cold, influenza and other upper respiratory tract infections.