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No matter how unique, novel or sparkly the product, stand-out packaging is vital for both sales and manufacturers. They must invest in eye-catching, smart branding and design due to the ever-growing industry.

Globally, the supplements and nutrition packaging market alone is worth around $2.49 billion and is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5% within the next ten years according to the Supplement and Nutrition Packaging Market: Global Industry analysis 2012 – 2016 and Opportunity Assessment 2017 – 2027. This will primarily be driven by a rise in the use of bottles and stick packs, followed by blister packs, which is being led by a 7% rise in demand for food supplements globally. Europe represents $893m of this major packaging market, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.1% until 2028.

For nutraceutical supplement owners, it is important to realise just how vital packaging is to a products success rate.

Manufacturers can’t expect their product to perform well if it never gets picked up off the shelves. Eye-catching labelling and packaging can

make a huge difference in nutrition and supplement sales and positively impact the brand. For Example, a UK based sports nutrition company increased its profits by 300% after redesigning its packaging for pre-workout supplements targeting both men and women.

Whether consumers purchase through e-commerce sites or through a retail outlet, either way, they are flooded with a multitude of options. Both product quality and brand credibility make a difference to consumer’s purchase decision and it is important to invest in proper, attention-grabbing packaging to establish the brand image.


The Supplement and Nutrition Packaging Market report state that information about ingredients and nutrients within nutraceutical products is of prime importance to consumers and therefore gives packaging its vital role in communicating this.

Product information will be the key driver behind growth in supplements and nutrients. Better readability is important, enabling consumers to identify unique aspects of a product formulation, and easily visible on pack efficacy claims. Nutrition and health-related claims are a crucial part of packaging. Claims made by companies have a high influence on customers purchasing decisions. They are probably the best examples of how regulations and language are coupled together to deliver a product in the market.

Smart labels will become one future way that manufacturers can communicate information better with consumers. Enabling consumers to scan the product and find out extra information about ingredients and how to consume the product, for example. The use of this smart labelling technology is forecast to gain traction in the next ten years.

There will also be increased demand for small volume packaging formats, providing major brands with the opportunity to tap into “on the go” convenient packs such as stick packs, blisters and pouches, which in turn will create lucrative opportunities for these manufacturers.

Supplement Factory have a phenomenal in-house design team, focussing on eye-catching, trendy designs.

Investing in your brand identity and creating a strong brand adds value to a business. A recognizable brand is worth more. It can be developed over time through good customer service, fulfilling your brand promise, meeting expectations and consistent application of a well-designed identity. Part of meeting those expectations is looking professional, and a great visual brand identity making your product look the part and represent you as a brand.” – James Mercer, Creative Director at Supplement Factory.