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On the 17th & 18th of May 2018, FORZA Industries undertook the annual BRC audit. After two days of intense auditing of all documentation, processes, manufacturing and operation facilities an AA grade was successfully achieved!

This was the fourth year of BRC audits and still maintaining the maximum grade possible every year is a massive achievement for the FORZA Industries team. Everyone is extremely proud and takes great pride in their work each day and receiving the rewards boosts motivation greatly.

What does it take to become AA grade?

Mikumme Posner, Quality manager is instrumental in the company’s continued maintenance of the top grade BRC accreditation. When asked what it takes to become AA grade, Mikumme said “Continuous attention to detail, dedication, teamwork, understanding the BRC standard and our customers’ requirements! Each day FORZA grows in strength and as a company in quality and innovation. Every department is heavily involved in maintaining the certification although it is second nature to each person’s roles and responsibilities.”

FORZA Industries has signed a lease for a new manufacturing facility which will increase contract manufacturing capacity significantly towards the end of 2018.

“we will be continuing to develop existing practice and introducing new models of manufacturing. Although it is a very exciting time ahead for the company, we still need to strive to achieve the highest quality standards possible and this includes integrating the BRC standard requirements into a larger facility, adapting the processes to a forever expanding team and continuous development and improvement to the Quality Management System. It will be challenging but we cannot wait for what the future holds and what we can offer to our customers and the progression of our team!”

What is a BRC Certification?

The overall scope of a British Rail Consortium audit to achieve an authorised certification is unique to the facilities that a BRC notified body is auditing. The core facets that the BRC Food Safety Standard (Version 7) covers are:

  • Senior Management – Commitment
  • Company Food Safety Plan – HACCP including GMPBRC Food-Certificated
  • Food Safety & Quality Management Systems
  • Overall Site Standards
  • Product Controls
  • Process Controls
  • Personnel & hygiene practices

Supplement Factory is a fully BRC certified contract manufacturer facility and our quality management systems are the backbone of our growing enterprise.