The Nootropics Industry Has a Largely Untouched Opportunity in E-Sports

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The nootropics industry has a largely untouched opportunity in e-Sports

eSports or competitive gaming has become increasingly popular over the course of the past 5 years as gaming consoles become more accessible. Networking between players is essential for a console now, with more and more people playing against each other online and the very best professionally competing just like any other sport.

The consumer needs of the competitive online gaming community have begun to evolve beyond consuming multiple caffeine-filled energy drinks and more towards functional formulations of nootropics. Nootropics are dietary supplements that provide nutrients to help improve mental acuity, vision and focus.

Engagement with an understanding of nootropics has increased substantially over the past few years. This is especially true for younger consumers active in online environments such as the eSports community who have become much more concerned with maintaining and improving mental sharpness and consider cognitive adaptability, creativity and focus critical factors of healthy ageing.

Globally, eSports holds an audience of around 380 million, with North America representing the largest market with projected revenues of $345 million but reaching up to $656 million by 2021.

The eSports industry is dominated by the need for an edge in mental acuity, reflexes, alertness and awareness. This is a natural fit for nootropics companies to expand their reach.

Marketing an eSports brand

The eSports community is extremely active on social media, so there is a high likelihood that a nootropic brand will see increased consumer recognition and engagement based its relationship with eSports.

The sponsorship of eSports teams and players has become the fastest growing revenue stream in eSport industries. It represents 40% of the $1.2 billion global revenue and registering 53.2% year over year growth according to Newzoo’s data. “As a business, eSports are now entering a new and critical phase towards maturity. Big investments have been made, new league structures have been launched, sponsorship budgets have moved from experimental to continuous and international media rights trade is starting to heat up” Newzoo CEO Peter Warman commented.

What gamers want in a nootropic supplement

Many gamers are looking for something that reorients and recharges the brain,  allowing them to achieve their goals and reducing exhaustion and loss of concentration. To support this, typical claims for nootropics are focus, performance, energy boosting, stress reducing, clarity and memory boosting.

Already popular nootropic ingredients found across the UK include variations of theanine, betalins, luteolin, choline and others, which all provide a mental sharpness benefit.

Despite a largely untapped audience of the still-emerging competitive online gaming audience who have shown an interest in staying mentally sharp, there is still market space waiting for gripping products.

These products will overlap with some sports nutrition, as many tend to use pre-workouts to stay alert and stimulated, or caffeine-based capsules to improve gameplay.

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