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This week sees a really pivotal moment for Supplement Factory. This week we create multiple market domination by holding 5 different meetings within 5 different countries and we couldn’t be more proud!

Multiple Market

Matt & Lee in Berlin

Despite the economic problems many European countries are facing, the online e-commerce market is thriving. Driven by consumers having busy and fast paced lifestyles, the rise of mobile devices and accessibility to the internet has opened the doors to convenience and the online retail sector is proving a major hit with consumers, Germany is the largest market for this, accounting for over a quarter of total European internet sales.

One of the areas that stand out as showing significant online growth is the health and wellness sector, weight loss in particular. This rise in sales outshines Germany’s vitamins and minerals category which grows 1.2% annually on average.

Multi Market

David in the USA at the 2018 Arnold Fitness EXPO

David, our newest member of the international sales team is based in the USA. He is adding to our multiple market domination by visiting the 2018 Arnold Fitness EXPO, a show featuring over 1000 stands with the latest sports equipment, apparel and nutrition and competitions for the general public. David will be using his time at the Arnold Fitness Expo to discover more about the sports nutrition industry in the USA, meeting with stand owners to get a firm grasp on what USA sports nutrition is lacking or is trending and to surround himself with people that are interested in the industry we work in.

“Show Season- Arnold & Expo West! Looking forward to seeing friends from all over the world and sharing the exciting innovations from FORZA Industries”

Multi Market

Aaron In India

The average Indian man will develop health problems between the ages of 30 to 35 due to lack of exercise, resulting in a huge rise in diabetes, joint health, bone health and cardiovascular disease. In India, nearly 450 million people belong to the middle class and have a disposable income, making them capable of purchasing supplements that will benefit their health and this number is set to grow to 800 million in the next 40 years.

Due to this, India’s nutraceutical industry is set to double in size, estimated at 4 billion US dollars by 2020 as a rapid surge in the demand for dietary supplements from the upper and middle class will drive the growth for the industry over the next few years. Nutraceuticals are a rising branch in the pharmaceutical industry and they are also estimated to grow around 16 percent within the next 5 years.

Aaron is visiting India to get an insight into this, using his skills to assess the current market and how these supplements are marketed to the consumer. Meeting with others, he will bring back vital information or Supplement Factory and its journey into providing India with a supplement to support a better lifestyle.

Multi Market

Mark in Italy

According to FederSalus, the Italian association of producers and distributors of health products, the Italian nutritional supplement market increased by 6% in 2016, 11% in 2017 and is predicted to steadily increase year on year. The total market value is over 3 billion euro with vitamins and mineral salts having the largest revenue at 630 million.

Mark ensures that all marketing materials including the web page are translating for his customers in Italy, in order to present them with the very best information and technology within the supplement sector. Again, much like David in the USA, Mark not only liaises with customers but researches the latest supplement trends, technologies and demands and reports back to the UK.

Multiple Market

Lucy Supplement Factory

Lucy & Lorraine in the UK

Meanwhile, Lucy and Lorraine will be working hard from our UK offices researching innovative ideas, working with customers on current product developments and much much more. Having a solid foundation is key for multiple market domination.

Lorraine is forever growing her expertise within the supplement industry, often learning new facts and products every day through thorough research and development.

Lucy is in constant contact with her customers, taking them through every step of the product development process, from creative updates to potential innovative ideas that would work perfectly for their brand.

Multiple Market

Owner of Supplement Factory, Lee, is amazed at how quickly Supplement Factory has got to this multiple market position;

“I could never have dreamed that when I started selling supplements online from the landing of my house, that one day the company would have a day where the sun did not set on its sales team.”

“All around the world we will be sharing our unique innovation and powerful brand nutritional concepts. Of course, in the digital age, websites trade 24/7 but having your boots firmly on the ground is a truly powerful thing in the B2B world. There has never been a better time to spread our wings and ply our trade beyond the borders of the UK and EU than now, whilst maintaining such a strong, growing platform in our home countries.”

We make our customers’ product development journeys into a fascinating experience, as we often create things that others think is not possible; this is what brings us joy.”

As well as this unforgettable multiple market week, Supplement Factory will be attending FIBO Power 2018 in Germany at the beginning of April, as well as Geneva in May.