Matt Banks-Crompton – Sales Director

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Matt’s Story – Sales Director

Previous to joining FORZA in 2013, Matt spent over a decade working within Sales Director roles for large Global FMCG brands such as Gillette, P&G and Pfizer. Matt’s background in the FMCG industry has given him a strong grounding within product development. Getting brands ready for retail selling opportunities and utilizing this skill set has become a key part of his daily role.

Matt now guides the sales team as the sales director, keeping the team in touch with the needs of fast-paced, cost-conscious brand buyers.

“We know what retailers and end consumers expect from a brand experience, so we make sure that our manufacturing process is aligned to your brands’ needs; without compromise”.

“Making the transition from classic FMCG to Food Supplements has not always been straightforward, the technical side of the role places a far larger requirement within the Food Supplement industry, but thankfully we have an excellent NPD team always on-hand to provide the very latest product and ingredients training and advise, I really don’t know what I would do without them!”

Working within the Food Supplement industry never fails to excite Matt, the chance to work with clients on new product innovation is the best part about the job, along with seeing a product you have helped ‘bring to life’ stocked on the shelves in the UK’s biggest health and beauty retailers.

Moving forward, Matt predicts that there will be greater emphasis placed upon personalized nutrition or at least versions of this such as specific vitamins and minerals for certain ailments. The growth of Vitabiotics ahead of the likes of more established Multivitamin brands over the last decade point to this as they have a constant NPD stream of aliment specific products. Matt is forever researching new trends within the health and beauty market, potential new customers and forwarding leads onto the sales team. Matt also has the added benefit of travelling as part of the job, meeting retailers and not just in the UK.

As Sales Director at FORZA, his role is to lead and oversee the sales growth and distribution of the brand in the UK and Globally, which has seen rapid growth in the past year. Matt now directs international sales people in the USA and Italy as part of his team.

“I also think that consumers are looking for products that improve their physical and mental performance and the term ‘Nootropic’ will become far more mainstream and accessible as people strive for the ‘edge’ in their sporting and professional endeavours, myself included!”

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