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Consumers are becoming increasingly accepting that applying product to the skin is not as efficient as consuming beauty from within supplements directed specifically for the hair, skin and nails to improve and maintain beauty from the inside out. Vitamins, collagens and enzymes are the primary ingredients used in beauty supplements, used for aiming to control signs of ageing, skin brightening, increasing firmness and reducing cellulite. These products are becoming increasingly visible in the form of tablets, pills, gummies and capsules within the beauty market.

The recent rise in the beauty from within “megatrend” has provided a solid foundation for the growth of Nutricosmetics, as people become increasingly concerned with what they put into and onto their bodies. Designed to deliver beauty and healthy ageing benefits, nutricosmetic sales are estimated to increase from USD 3.36 billion in 2013, growing at a CAGR of 11.5% from 2014 to 2020 accounting for 7.16 billion in 2020 according to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research “Nutricosmetics Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014-2020”.

The ageing population are driving the desire for Nutricosmetics, with an increasing want to preserve beauty from within without invasive and expensive treatments. It is certain that natural is better than artificial, as humans are designed to digest and absorb from natural sources better than artificial alternatives. Natural ingredients are more capable at preventing oxidative damage, a major cause of ageing, which is extremely beneficial in the Nutricosmetics category.

Beauty is fast becoming a high maintenance routine, with an enormous range of product categories. There is now, however, a lucrative target for men’s health and beauty as a new standard and awareness appears throughout the male market. Men are also becoming aware of ways they can improve their overall health, with Millenials driving the male beauty industry as social barriers change shape. This industry will surge as traditional gender stereotypes continue to become flexible as the younger generation become more prominent in society.

With the demand for beauty supplements increasing by 250% since 2016, companies are now expanding their topical cosmetic lines to offer beauty supplements and recommending joint use with topical products to further improve the appearance of skin and hair. Collagen, for example, being greatly popular claiming to help enhance beauty and youthfulness and fighting against signs of ageing. The body starts to produce less collagen between the ages of 20 and 30, meaning the collagen matrix that provides skins firmness and structure starts to break down. With the inhibition of collagen synthesis leading to skin ageing as collagen constitutes to 70% of our dry-mass skin content.

A key component of the skin’s structure, collagen fibers provide the infrastructure for elastin, which maintains skin elasticity, and for hyaluronic acid which holds moisture. Whether marine, bovine or porcine sourced; ingesting a supplement rather than applying topically is more beneficial to the user, rather than simply applying to the skin and stopping there.

Dr Eva Hurst, a professor of dermatology at Washington University in St. Louis states that:

“The collagen molecule is too big to penetrate the outer layer of skin, adding that the only benefit
of a collagen cream is that it might give you a little more glow as it is a good moisturiser.”

Adding supporting ingredients to the collagen supplement is integral for maximising its beauty from within benefits. Vitamin C, for example, plays a critical role in collagen synthesis and the normal function of skin, teeth and gums. Hyaluronic Acid also helps increase hydration of the skin, increasing the moisture content which in turn helps improve the skins surface, smoothing out wrinkles.  Adding zinc to a beauty supplement is an antioxidant that contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, which in turn helps reduce the signs of ageing. These ingredients are also beneficial as their own supplement when targeting the beauty from within the market.

Patented ingredients such as Peptan Collagen for example, are used which provide you to be able to market beauty claims to reassure consumers of its benefits. This, with Vitamin C as the Peptan branded collagen brand’s supporting ingredient; which has an EFSA claim, provides a fantastic supplement with information to produce great marketing surrounding it. Having patented products such as this, makes your end product stand out from the crowd.

Supplement Factory offers a range of different variants of beauty supplements, depending on your strategy. With a tailored ingredient list, unlike tablets, capsules have the opportunity to remove the need for fillers and binders, which are sometimes necessary, easing product flow through machines. Ultimately, they do not contribute to the nutritional factors of the product. Whether your desired supplement is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or organic, the team of nutrition experts at Supplement Factory can provide custom formulations based on your own product strategy, brand image and budget requirements. The end result will be a unique formula that both achieve your intended product claims and ensures the highest level of legal compliance wherever your business is on the scale.

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