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  • An ALL natural Multivitamin
  • Organic
  • Halal
  • Vegetarian & Vegan
  • Blend of amla & guava fruits, curry leaves & lemon fruit extracts
  • Multivitamin that works in total harmony with your body
  • Rich in antioxidants

There is no doubt, natural is better than artificial. Every man, dog, nutritionist & eco-warrior is telling you that and it’s true. Why? Our DNA is designed to digest, absorb and extrapolate the goodness from natural sources better than their artificial counterparts; it’s as simple as that. Natural ingredients tend to be more bioavailable, better assimilated and are more capable at preventing oxidative damage; a major cause of ageing.

But how do you manage to eat natural with an increasingly hectic life and limited time to cook fresh? Ten years ago the NHS was telling me to consume 5 fruit and vegetables a day to keep the doctor away, but today that advice has gone up to 10. Time is at a premium in 2017; I waste time on my phone, tablet, work longer and barely have the time to train let alone prepare food every day. So what’s the 21st century solution; the humble multivitamin?

Today’s consumer demands their supplements to be whiter than white … or in this case greener than green, with millions being swayed by the ‘natural’ approach to a product. In a generation gripped by discerning health perfectionists, nearly a third of consumers in the UK take a vitamin or mineral to supplement their diet. Furthermore, according to analysts PMR, European VMS sales are predicted to grow at 7.6% annually until 2020 with the UK market estimated to be worth more than £670m.

So then, what could be more essential to your brand than a multivitamin with an all-natural concept? How many currently exist on the market? The truth is you’d be hard pushed to find any. Here at the Supplement Factory, however, we have an exciting proposition that is sure to thrill.

As part of our ‘Leading, Creating & Innovating’ mantra, I am proud to introduce a uniquely special multivitamin, crafted by none other than Mother Nature herself. A majestic blend of amla & guava fruits, curry leaves & lemon fruit extracts brought together to create a complete multivitamin that works in total harmony with your body. This showcase product is rich in antioxidants, plant extracts and provides all your daily requirements. Who wouldn’t want this supplement in their life? Subject to trial, this product has the potential to be made without fillers, binders, anti-caking or flow agents and comes with an HPMC – pine cellulose capsule. All natural = all good … and it’s unique.

How exciting then, a genuine proposition for the uber health conscious customer that is sure to fly. This product has the potential to be the crown jewel in your brand. Did I mention this special blend is organic and halal suitable also? Better still, there is an option to have this product fully organically certified by the Soil Association.

At the Supplement Factory, we are leading the way in exciting innovations that will give your brand the edge it needs. This all-natural multivitamin is an outstanding and unique proposition for a 21st century brand.

Contact Lucy Palmer direct on 01233 636814 or [email protected]

The Supplement Factory is a World Leading Contract Manufacturer of Nutritional Supplements situated in the United Kingdom. We deliver a complete range of services for your brand which includes product development, manufacturing, sales support, brand design & QP support. We hold the highest accreditations available for quality including AA status BRC & GMP, approved to manufacture oral weight management & medical devices.