Environmentally Friendly Supplement Manufacturer

As a proud British supplement manufacturer, it is imperative that we do not harm or impact the environment that we inhabit. We are guests on this planet and are honoured to have use of its resources.

Wherever possible we are ethically obliged to reduce our impact on the footprint we leave on the local environment.

Supplement Manufacturer ISO14001 certificate

Since our owners want us to lead by example, we have introduced an environmental management system (EMS) to help us reduce energy usage, cut down on waste and recycle where possible.

The ISO14001 standard provides Supplement Factory with an internationally recognised framework. This means we tick the boxes globally when it comes to environmental compliance.

Our company uses the ISO14001 standard to reduce waste, improve resource efficiency and cut waste management costs.

Adherence to environmental laws actually allows us to be more cost-effective for our clients.

Supplement Factory are the perfect business to embrace ISO14001 since The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has developed this series for businesses and other organisations looking to reduce their environmental impact.

More and more we see large retailers demand that brands are manufactured in environmentally friendly factories.

Would you want your products to be made in a factory that doesn’t care about its global impact? We see that the fastest growing brands are adopting corporate and environmental responsibilities. This is why our growth is aligned with theirs. Come and join us in being better together.

What Our People Say

All of the cardboard that comes onto the premises is recycled to help us minimise waste. We receive hundreds of cardboard boxes every week from our suppliers, containing anything from empty capsules, raw ingredients, and product packaging. “If the boxes can’t be re-used by our dispatch team then they are compressed into bales and then collected by the truckload.Paul Harrington, Warehouse Manager

Paul Harrington, The Supplement Factory Warehouse Manager is proudly recycling over 90% of our cardboard waste.

As a supplement manufacturer, we are proud to display our ISO14001 certificate to demonstrate our environmental protection systems.

Quality, Quality, Quality

Supplement Factory is a fully BRC certified contract manufacturer facility and our quality management systems are the backbone of our growing enterprise. As a well known Kent based supplement manufacturer, that takes pride in everything that we do, it is with pleasure that we invite you to inspect some of our other accreditations: