Supplement Trends 2024: July Edition

As we reach the midpoint of the year, we have seen significant changes within the supplement market. Historically, summer brings a shift in consumer interests, typically marked by a surge in demand for fruity flavours and sports-based hydration products.

Utilising an in-depth analysis that integrates incoming queries from Europe’s most active supplement manufacturing websites, alongside trend monitoring and sales volume data from leading industry figures, we present a comprehensive overview of the current market dynamics.

Gummy Supplements: +5%

Gummy supplements are experiencing a resurgence, with a 5% increase in popularity. This trend is driven by the innovative introduction of mushroom nootropics in gummy form.

Despite the limitation on the amount of active ingredients that can be included in gummies, formulators are developing higher efficacy ingredients to create effective products. This innovation is attracting more consumers to this convenient and enjoyable supplement format.

Collagen Supplements: +10%

Collagen supplements are seeing a robust growth of 10%. Traditionally simple, collagen products are evolving into more complex blends, including formulations aimed at hormone balancing, such as PCOS blends.

This diversification is expanding the appeal of collagen supplements to a broader demographic interested in holistic health benefits.


Electrolyte Supplements: +9%

As expected during the summer, electrolyte supplements have grown in popularity, with a 9% increase. This seasonal trend is driven by the heightened focus on hydration and sports performance during the warmer months.

However, it is anticipated that this demand will revert to normal levels as we move into the winter season.


Mushroom Nootropics: -3% to +2%

The market for mushroom nootropic supplements is stabilising, showing fluctuations between -3% and +2%. While the initial hype has cooled, leading to a more stable market, the interest in new formats continues.

This sector is finding its equilibrium and is not expected to experience the sharp decline seen with products like apple cider vinegar.


Liposomal Supplements: +4%

Liposomal supplements have emerged as a surprising entrant, with a 4% increase in popularity. This growth is driven by consumers’ interest in new and effective supplement delivery formats.

Liposomal technology, known for its enhanced absorption capabilities, is gaining traction among health-conscious individuals looking for innovative supplement solutions.


Chewable Tablets: -15%

Chewable tablets have faced a significant decline, with a 15% drop in demand. Despite the overall trend towards exploring new supplement formats, chewable tablets are being perceived as a subpar option.

Consumers are favouring more effective and convenient formats, leading to the decreased popularity of chewable tablets.

These insights reflect the dynamic nature of the supplement market, highlighting the evolving consumer preferences and the continuous innovation within the industry as we progress through the year.

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